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August 16, 2022

THE College Packing List

There are many college packing lists out there, some extensive and others quite basic. Gathering items you would like to take to college and deciding on what you should take to college are two very different things. Forget packing for a vacation, camp, or weekend getaway, you are moving away from home for months on end. There is much that can go but limitations to what you can bring. With this difficult situation before you, I am pleased to present you with what I would like to consider THE college packing list. Packing isn’t necessarily a science, but if you can make sure you have what you need for basic functions of life, then you can be better prepared for what is ahead. So, glance at this list, think about what might be missing and start filling the suitcase.

1. Sleep Requirements: Pillow, Sheets and Blanket

One must have a good night’s sleep in order to perform well in anything, that includes academics. Taking care of your sleeping arrangements is a must. Before you even think about loading up your ten cases of Mountain Dew or entire gaming system, make sure you have a pillow to lay your head on, a sheet to put on your mattress, and a blanket to keep you warm.

2. Consumption Requirements: Snacks, Water Bottle and Thermos  

Have you ever heard the saying: He who does not work shall not eat? I stand by this 100% however, in this context I would like to make an adjustment: He who does not eat cannot work. Hunger can strike at any moment, and busy schedules have the tendency to pull one away from the dining hall. Pack snacks that you can grab or quick fix meals that you can prepare in your dorm. In addition, account for the utensils you may need to prepare those meals.

Man does not live on food alone so I hear (or something like that), so I must move on to the topic of hydration. Don’t forget your water bottle. Hydration is important, especially when you are frequently on the go. Insulated, non-insulated, stainless Steele, plastic… it doesn’t matter. Also, if you’re a coffee or tea drinker, taking along your favorite insulated mug might be a good idea as well. College can bring fatigue and fatigue a demand for caffeinated beverages. Therefore, the most logical thing to do is to bring a thermos, it’s basically a packing list requirement.

3. Attire Requirements: WEATHER APPROPRIATE Clothing, Shoes and Coat

Weather is the key word here. Truthfully, clothing is the packing list item I hate the most, mainly because it is incredibly difficult to predict what will be needed. You are moving away from home, but that does not mean you need to take every piece of clothing with you. Take five or so of your favorite outfits for each season to start. Remember, breaks will come, and you can refresh your closet if need be when you head back home. The same thing applies for shoes. Bring a few pairs that will get you through various weather conditions. Rainboots, tennis shoes, and sandals are a good place to start. Finally, do not forget a coat. Make sure you are well prepared for the moment summer ends and fall/winter hits.

4. Hygiene Requirements: Shampoo, Soap, Toothbrush, Hairbrush, Detergent and Laundry Basket

Most every superstore has shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, hygiene products, and detergent which makes packing these items pretty convenient. It doesn’t matter if you bring them with you or shop for them once you get to campus, just make sure you have them ready and available to you right off the bat. And don’t forget the laundry basket! It may seem like an unimportant thing now, but trust me, you’ll have different thoughts the moment you need to wash your clothes.

5. Financial Requirements: Money, Debit Card and Credit Card

The start of college brings much with it, including expenses. No matter what job you worked prior to coming to college, it is likely you were able to place what you earned in your own bank account. If so, make sure you have your debit card with you, but more importantly, bring some hard-cold cash. There are times people cannot accept cards of any type so having cash with you is crucial for emergencies.

Now, when it comes to owning credit cards, I am not a huge advocate, especially while in college. Limiting debt is a good idea, but having an emergency credit card could save you in a pinch. If your car breaks down, you have a sudden medical expense, or something goes array, you have the means to get by in an emergency.

6. School Requirements: Bible, Backpack, School Supplies, Laptop, Textbooks, Chargers

Why did you come to college? To further your education! With this in mind, you must make sure you have what you need in order to successfully attend and pass your classes. #1, bring your Bible! With the Bible at the center of Geneva’s mission, it is crucial that you have this for both educational and personal reasons. Of course, owning a sturdy backpack, reliable laptop, their respective chargers, and school supplies are a given. Gather the notebooks, pens, highlighters, binders, and planners as well.

Also, remember you need to get your textbooks! Don’t wait for classes to start to buy them, save yourself the stress and think ahead.

7. Emergency Requirements: Hand Sanitizer, Vitamins, Thermometer, Insurance Cards, Tissues, Flashlight

Unfortunately, the unfortunate can happen, but fortunately, we can be prepared. The first line of defense to bring is the hand sanitizer and vitamins. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure they say, so plan on bringing them. Now, if you do start getting the sniffles, having a thermometer, tissues, and your insurance cards (in case of a doctor’s visit) is important. Sickness happens whether you are ready or not, so be ready and take these things with you.

This is more a side note then anything, but bringing a flashlight may prove to be helpful. Power outages, dead phone, late night adventure outside, study session under the covers, who knows what may happen? If you have a battery-operated flashlight, bring it!

8. Deluxe Items: Microwave, Mini-fridge, Electric Kettle or Keurig, Fan, Bed Lamp

Yes, I do consider these deluxe items. If you’re an avid roman noodle or popcorn fan, binge and bring your very own microwave, if you want your soda and cold too, splurge and bring the mini-fridge. Tea drinkers, take along the kettle, coffee and hot cocoa addicts, make sure you have the Keurig! These are all extra items that may not be necessary but make life in the dorm accommodating to your personal daily habits. If you want to keep your dorm cool and lit, you might consider taking a fan or bed lamp as well. Your college dorm is your home away from home so consider taking some of these “deluxe” items.

There are many methods for college packing but few that are full proof. Moving to college is a difficult task within itself, but even more so is to know what to bring along with you. Packing is grueling and difficult to complete, but prioritize items of necessity to items of preference and you might just find that the process gets a whole lot easier.

- Abigail Forton ‘22