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September 4, 2020

What to Expect on Your First Day of College: How to Prepare

The first day of college can be exciting, scary, and confusing. There are new possibilities, potential friendships and memories to be made. There is so much that is unknown about what the future holds, and many questions yet to be answered. Will I actually like my major? Will I get along with my professors? What do I do if I don’t understand the material?

If you are asking yourself all of these questions and more, you are certainly not alone. Most new college students are afraid of all of the possible negative outcomes from their first day, but here is how you can ease your nerves and be prepared for the first day.

On my first day, my worst fear was walking into the wrong classroom or lecture hall. Even after taking a campus tour, the new landscape will take some time to get used to, and when many classrooms look alike, it can be pretty confusing. A good way to ensure you know your way around campus is to print out your schedule the day before your first day of classes and walk around where your classes will be. Make sure you look for lecture halls and computer labs, too, even if you don’t meet there until later in the week. Knowing your way around campus will help make you feel more relaxed about your first class meetings.

Once you’re confident about where you have to go for your classes, the next thing you’ll want to do is pack your notebooks, textbooks, pens, and other supplies for your first day. Unlike high school, where the teachers often use the entire first day for only going over rules and the syllabus, many professors in college will begin their first lecture of the year on the first class meeting. It’s better to be prepared to take notes rather than be caught off guard with no way to take notes on the first day.

Now that you’re all ready for your first day of class, remember a few important pieces of advice.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions because your professors care about your education and they want you to succeed.
  • Bring some snacks to your first few days while you get used to your schedule to help get you through the busy days, but don’t eat them until you know that food is permitted in your class by your professor.
  • Put your phone on silent and away in your bag; out of sight, out of mind.
  • And finally, remember to enjoy this time. College goes by in the blink of an eye, so don’t waste that time being nervous or being timid. Join the clubs you want to join, start the band you’re thinking about starting, talk to people, make friends, but most of all, make the most of your time and your education.

Welcome to college!

To learn more about a college with professors who know you by name and make an effort to pour the love of Christ into your life, get to know Geneva College. Contact Admissions for more information at admissions@geneva.edu | 800-847-8255.

-Maddy Smith ‘22


Photo by Filip Bunkens on Unsplash