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January 22, 2024

Benefits of Having a Small Campus

Small campuses come with a lot of benefits that students might not experience at a larger school. When choosing a school to attend, weighing the pros and cons can be really helpful, so here are some pros about attending a small school!

Continuing Education Program Spotlight

September 25, 2018

Social Engineering: Targeting Human Weakness in a Digital World

Social engineering is the use of deception to mine confidential information from individuals; attackers exploit human weaknesses to acquire sensitive data. Humans are often the weakest link in plans to secure information, which is why well-qualified cybersecurity professionals are so important.

Continuing Education

May 18, 2018

Four Great Reasons to Consider Summer Courses

You made it through the semester! While you may want to take a break, there is a case to be made for taking a summer course or two.