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May 10, 2016

The Dreaded Question - What's Next?

Your finals are taken, your car is packed, you’ve walked across the stage to receive your diploma and your weird uncle Dewey has said his goodbyes. Things are starting to unwind after graduation weekend, but there is still something that remains unsettled and echoes in the back of your mind. “So, what’s next?” This dreaded question makes your ears ring as if you were standing next to the speakers at a concert. But if but if you had a dime for every time you answered it, you’d be rich and wouldn’t need to have a plan.

Regardless of if you have something lined up after college or not, the “What’s next?” question isn’t meant to be prying. The people posing this question care.

It’s how you interpret the question that makes it annoying and somewhat maddening. When people first started asking it at the beginning of senior year, you had a good answer because you had time to figure things out. You were just starting your career search and you had options. But as May 7th closed in on you and the fear of moving back with your parents seemed more and more like a possibility (not that there’s anything wrong with that), the question became more and more invasive.

You didn’t have a plan and what grinds your gears is that it wasn’t in your plan to not have a plan after graduation. Now it feels like everyone is all up in your grill wanting to know what you have in store next. But you don’t have a plan. 

For the past 20-something years you’ve known what to do because every fall you just go back to school, you have Christmas break, and then summer comes. Throw in a few awesome vacations and a sprinkling of mission trips with your church and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a plan.

But take a moment to think about this incredible opportunity of planlessness. You have the freedom to enjoy one last summer at home working your high school job at the ice cream counter while you search for a full-time position in the field of your major. You have time to figure out a plan and sometimes moving back home is the wisest option.

Think about how you’ve never not been provided for and with whatever does come next, pray that God would allow you to have discernment and open a door with a plan that exceeds any plan you could make for yourself.

So, now when people ask you the dreaded question, you can answer in confidence with an “I don’t know right now, but I will very soon.” This answer gives credit to the work God is doing and the plan He is preserving for the opportune time. 

Celia Harris–Celia Harris ‘16

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