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August 12, 2016

Four Things I Wish I had Known While Attending Geneva College

Speaking as a recent graduate from Geneva College there are four things I wish I had known during my time as a Golden Tornado.

Just Because It’s Announced in Chapel Doesn’t Mean You Have to Go

There is no need to attend every Geneva event on campus.  In fact, it may be impossible. Yes, go to them if have the time because they are fun.  However, if going to an event means you have to pull an all-nighter, it’s not worth it.  Remember, you are here to get an education.  So, do not let that part slip.

Network, Network, Network

Take advantage of the professors at Geneva and their connections in the working world.  Even though grades are great to have and will get you far, most jobs are gotten nowadays because the person had a connection with the company or business.  The professors have a magnitude of connections and love to share them with students because yes, contrary to popular belief, they do actually want to see you graduate.


Make time for your friends.  Homework, work, and clubs are always going to pull at your time, but make sure you are giving time to your friends as well.  Friendship is food for the soul.

Find a Church

Invest in a church while you are at Geneva.  At the start, spend a couple of weeks to really look for the church that you can invest in and get involved with for the next couple of years.  Once you choose one, don’t just go late every Sunday and leave as soon as the last song is sung.  Get involved; invest in the church, sign up for a shift in the nursery, join a small group, and find ways to meet the people there.  You can never have too many people praying for you during finals week.

You’re not at Geneva yet? Don’t make the mistake of not coming. It’s been a wise decision – and one I have not regretted. That I wouldn’t change at all. If you’re not at Geneva, check with Admissions now at 800-847-8255 or

Hannah Beckhusen ‘16