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July 18, 2019

Does Purity Matter Today? Why Teens Still See the Importance of Purity

Today's young adult culture puts a lot of attention on the meet-up, hook-up experience. It's almost considered normal for such relationships (if that is the right word) to occur. Yet, not all of today's teens want that type of lifestyle for themselves, Many, in fact, are seeing the value and importance of choosing a higher quality of life and focusing more on their future, their education, and their relationship with God. Why is purity so important, even today?

What Is the Value of Purity?

Serial dating and hookups followed by breakups are very common today, but purity and abstinence until marriage has become far more important. In many ways, more teens are making the decision for purity. But, why is that?

There are many reasons. For some, holding to their faith and maintaining God's standard is very important. Taking the right course, God's path, is essential. Not only does it allow for the individual to follow the path that God set for them, but this level of purity and abstinence also helps with the development of a conscience, self-control and respect for themselves and others.

When young adults don't think or act in purity and in God's will or direction for their lives, they place less value in themselves as image-bearers of God. And, they place less value in their peers, as well. However, when you abstain and live a pure lifestyle, you recognize the true value you have in God’s eyes, on your body, and on others around you. Respectful behavior with others, including those of the opposite sex, can lead to profound personal growth both mentally and spiritually.

Is It Really Possible to Live a Pure Life Today?

Whether following God's Word or simply living a pure life for your own goals, it is a challenge today. Yet, young adults can make key decisions that help them to live a higher quality, pure lifestyle.

  • Make words matter instead of allowing them to become meaningless. For example, saying "I love you" just because you are in a relationship lessens its true meaning. Keep expressions simple, such as placing an arm around each other instead of kissing.
  • Make a promise to God and remind yourself of that promise every day. Decide what you want to do, what you do not want to do, and what you will, eventually, want to do. Creating that line in the sand sets boundaries and acts as a litmus test for future conduct. You know what your goal is.
  • Keep fantasies at bay. Many young adults think about sex, and that is normal and natural. Yet, you do not want to fantasize about it. Keep exposure to Hollywood films or over-the-top, explicit songs out of your mind.
  • Be open about talking about your promises to God with those who you form relationships with. Instead of hiding it, make a stand for purity.
  • Realize that, in the long term, this is about creating an opportunity for future you. And, you'll value sex far more so if you wait.

The right environment matters. Take the time to recognize the importance of living a pure life. In the right educational setting, you'll have more of an opportunity to embrace your faith and live it with others who share the same beliefs and want to live the same pure life you desire. There's no doubt that living a pure life is more challenging, but that's exactly what makes it more worthwhile.

If you’d like to learn more about the biblically based, Christ-centered education at Geneva, we’d love to help you find God’s calling on your life. For more information on how Geneva College can help you pursue your self-improvement and career goals, please phone us at 855-979-5563 or email