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February 19, 2021

Flexible and Fun: Check Out the 7 Best Jobs for College Students

As a college student, your primary responsibility is your studies. Yet, you also need income to help pay for your studies and some of the fun you want to have while in school. So, what are the best jobs for college students? The key is to find a job that pays fairly well but gives you the flexibility you need to keep going with your studies. Here are some top options to consider:

  1. Barista

As a college student, you probably enjoy a great cup of coffee yourself, so why not put that love to work by getting a job as a barista. Indeed.com estimates that you will earn about $10.88 an hour, but many baristas also earn tips, and that can add up quickly. Since people want coffee at all hours, including the early morning, you can likely pick up shifts that work around your class schedule. As an added bonus, most coffee shops have free WiFi, so you could finish schoolwork on your lunch break.

  1. Retail Worker

Retail stores are open at many non-traditional hours, so college students can often find flexible scheduling with this type of work. Retail workers tend to make around minimum wage, but there are opportunities for advancement with dedicated service to the company. The job of a retail worker isn’t too complex. It also offers the opportunity to get out into the community and meet people. These are both perks that can help college students enjoy their work.

  1. Tutor

As a college student, you likely have knowledge beyond high school and elementary school that you could impart to others. Often, college students can work as tutors through local schools or libraries. Online tutoring programs are also growing in popularity, and that provides a substantial amount of flexibility. Some colleges also have on-campus tutoring services that allow upperclassmen or high-scoring students to tutor other college students. Tutoring can be quite flexible, allowing you to set your own schedule based on your coursework and personal study needs. Indeed.com estimates $24.11 an hour for tutoring services, so this can be a high-paying opportunity.

  1. Orderly

What jobs are flexible for college students? This is an important question to ask when seeking employment and the job of an orderly is a good one to choose. If you are studying in the medical field, you can get some hands-on experience and get paid at the same time by working as an orderly.

Orderlies work in hospital and care centers by assisting medical staff with patient care. They may help with transfers, move patients in wheelchairs through the facility, clean rooms, and bring medical equipment from one location to the next. Orderlies can also work directly with patients, shaving and bathing patients, applying wound wraps and casts, and taking care of personal care needs, so medical care professionals are able to focus on medical needs. Payscale.com estimates orderlies earn about $13.33 an hour, and scheduling is flexible since patients need this type of care at all hours.

  1. Restaurant Host

The youthful energy of most college students makes them perfect as a restaurant host. The restaurant host will greet patrons as they enter the restaurant and help them find their seats. The host may also let them know about wait times and organize serving staff to ensure all tables are properly cared for. Sometimes the host will take care of basic cleaning tasks for the entry areas of the restaurant, and they may need to check and tidy restrooms, as well. While this isn’t one of the highest-paid jobs on the list, with Payscale estimating around $10 an hour average, it is a flexible option.

  1. Nanny or Babysitter

Parents who need some help caring for their children while they work often want to hire college students for childcare. It’s a job that can offer some scheduling flexibility if the children are in school. You can take your college classes during the normal school day, then take care of your client’s children in the afternoon and evening hours. Parents who work late shifts could even potentially hire you to stay overnight to take care of their homes and children while they work. This job option is viable for both men and women, and it can pay very well. Care.com indicates the average pay varies geographically, but ranges between $15 an hour to over $20 an hour depending on where you are working.

  1. Animal Caretaker

Are you missing your pets from home that you couldn't bring to school with you? Then perhaps a position as an animal caretaker is for you. This can involve everything from dog walking to pet sitting when people are on vacation. If you love animals and need a flexible college job, this can be a good fit. The drawback to this role is that you will need to constantly look for new opportunities, but the perk is the chance you have to work directly with animals. According to Monster.com, you can charge about $11.50 an hour on average for taking care of animals for people in your community.

What are good jobs for students? The answer is this: The best jobs for college students are jobs that are flexible, have fair pay, and are interesting or fun. Remember, college should be a fun experience, and your job can be part of that fun if you choose wisely. With any of the jobs on this list, you can find life experience, earn income, enjoy flexibility, and have some fun while you’re at it.

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