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October 7, 2016

Find Your Ideal Ministry Program on Major Exploration Day

Has God called you to serve in ministry? Among dozens of undergraduate degree programs, Geneva College offers a number of ministry-related paths.

Whether your Christ-inspired vision for the future includes a leadership position in a church, working as a missionary or ministering to students, you can gain the required knowledge, experience and spiritual guidance through your studies at Geneva.

With an academic major in the department of Biblical Studies, Ministries and Philosophy, you’ll learn how the Old and New Testaments reveal God’s plan that led to the life and work of Jesus. You’ll also advance your skills in ministry and fully understand the authority of the Scriptures.

On Oct. 10, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about pursuing an academic education in the ministry field during our Major Exploration Day (Registration required). During this special day, you can visit the campus and professors to explore the following programs in depth:

Biblical Studies

When you choose Biblical Studies as your major, you can expect to learn to think as a disciplined Christian and to use your Bible knowledge practically in your everyday life. This major also prepares you for success in graduate studies.


By teaching all nations about the Gospel, you fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus gave us. In Missions studies, you’ll prepare to meet your calling to the mission field with a combination of Bible Studies and engaging in outreach across cultures.


The Missions/Aviation dual-degree program at Geneva enables you to earn an associate’s degree for air traffic control, piloting or aerospace management as you earn your bachelor’s in Missions. The aviation portion of the program is provided by the Community College of Beaver County, which offers the nation’s leading program in the field.  This is a very unique opportunity to develop multiple skills for this degree.


The Philosophy program offers an overview of the important philosophical ideas in Christianity and gives you the opportunity to critically evaluate life’s fundamental questions from the point of view of Christianity.


If you’re planning to attend divinity school, the Pre-Seminary track at Geneva is for you. This Theological Studies Program gives you the knowledge and spiritual tools you’ll need to lead and touch lives as you serve God.

Student Ministry

Does your calling include ministering to young people? The Student Ministry program gives you the needed foundation for serving as a minister to youth, with specialties for college, children’s, urban, and outdoor and experiential ministries. In your senior year, an internship gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge in a hands-on setting.

To find out more about the ministry programs at Geneva College, please plan to attend the Major Exploration Day on Oct. 10. For personal guidance with your spiritual and academic goals, please contact us at or 855-979-5563.