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December 10, 2015

Geneva’s Crucial Department – Bible

The official name of the Bible Department is “Biblical Studies, Ministry and Philosophy Department,” affectionately shortened to BMaP, an acronym which works because the Bible is a light to our feet and a MaP to our path (Psalm 119:105 more or less). All students at Geneva, no matter what faith they hold, have to take courses in Bible from professors who themselves know that it is the inspired Word of God.

How many students are in a Bible class every year at Geneva? This fall there are 360 in the introductory Old Testament course, 350 in other Bible courses, 100 in various philosophy courses, and 175 in ministry courses, about 1000 seats filled for a department of seven professors and several part-time teachers. No other department, except the Core Department itself, offers as many courses in Geneva’s core as the Bible Department.


Besides teaching large numbers of students, our Bible professors maintain an active ministry beyond the classroom. The department sponsors the annual Byron Bitar lectures, named for a former philosophy professor here. They attend conferences and publish papers, like all good academics do. On any given Lord’s Day, several will be preaching at area churches. In the “Closing the Gap” program, department members work with local high school students to help prepare them for college. The department is involved in an application for a Lilly Foundation grant to sponsor a youth theology summer camp, and they are cooperating in Geneva’s effort to land a Fulbright grant to bring a Nigerian Seminary professor here next year.

Finally, the Bible Department sponsors a trip to Israel over Christmas break every two years. One reads the Bible with new understanding after seeing Galilee, Jericho, and Jerusalem. Fifty are already signed up for this year’s excursion. (In 1970, my wife and I went to Israel; our Greek and Turkish Cypriot friends, often with a smirk, thereafter called me Haji-Edgar.) Every American should drive at least once from coast to coast to learn how vast is the American empire; and every follower of the Way of the Lord should visit Israel at least once to see how small is the Promised Land where God chose to accomplish the world’s redemption.

Dr. William Edgar, Interim President

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