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July 20, 2021

Cherishing the Light Within Darkness

Starting out as a gust of wind, the storm progressed, increasing in intensity and strength as the day continued on. Rain began to pore, and the trees started to shake violently. I tend to enjoy the comforting pitter patter of rain on the roof, however, on this particular occasion, this wasn’t the case. The rain whipped the sides of the house with great intensity while high speed winds whistled violently around us. I was stuck at home, leaving me with little to no options except to wait the unsettling storm out. With everything going crazy around me, I decided to get some things done, that is, until the electricity decided to go out. With the wind continuing to blow, the rain persisting to pour, my day proceeded to get increasingly worse with no hope of light throughout the rest of the night.

It was dark. It was cold. I was restless. As I hunkered down to do homework from the light of a candle and a few battery-operated lights, I pulled on an extra sweater to compensate for the lack of heat. As the day waned, the addition of flashlights and oil lamps continued. By the time it hit 6 p.m., my stomach started to growl, and with the electricity out, I knew I had a problem. The stove, toaster oven, and coffee machine were useless. My food options were quickly dwindling as I remembered that the freezers and refrigerators were also not an option because the food inside of them needed to remain cold while the electricity remained off. Realizing my fate, I decided to head to the pantry for canned food. I found a can of green beans and a fresh apple and quickly devoured them.

Living at home as a commuter is an experience within itself, but if you add nine other family members, a storm, and a power outage, things get even more interesting. With the electricity remaining out for hours, some of my siblings did not feel like eating canned food or fruit. Instead, they decided to brave the storm and head to McDonald’s and Burger King in hopes of a hot meal. With all lights off, things were dark, eerie, and unsettling. Accompanied by my bowl of cold green beans, I sat on the floor surrounded by my family who were dining on a host of different foods for the evening’s dinner.

I had pretty much concluded that this experience was not the highlight of my week, but as I sat there around my family in a dark house, my gaze shifted to the only source of light that we had at the moment, a candle. As it burned, it flickered, providing a light that wouldn’t have been appreciated unless I was completely enveloped with darkness in the first place. So many times my mom would set out a candle to make the house smell warm and sweet like Christmas morning, but not once did I look at it as something important until this moment. It was beautiful. It was such a simple invention and incredibly helpful and reliable. At the moment it was needed, the candle was there to provide warmth and light that gave us the ability to find some security and longevity for the remainder of the night.

It was while I looked at that candle that I realized that it is sometimes in the darkest moments of our lives that even the smallest bit of light shines brightest. It was difficult to make my way through the darkness, it was cold without the heat from the house, it was scary because I had no control of my situation. But while I stared at that flame flickering from a tiny and seemingly insignificant candle, my perspective on the whole experience shifted. In life, storms hit, the wind howls, the rain pours, the lighting crashes, and everything goes dark. It becomes hopeless, scary, lonely. It is at these dark moments in our lives that the light of hope found in Christ really begins to appear. While God is with us every day, showering his blessings upon us each second, it seems like the moment those showers turn to storms is when we can find the most comfort.

As humans, we are not guaranteed an easy trip through life, we will always experience good and bad. Like the beginning of a long book, sometimes we just want to skip past the painfully difficult times in our lives and move to the good parts. Instead of acknowledging the overwhelming presence of God and the hope found in Jesus Christ in every moments of our lives, we tend to exclude him from either the times of joy or the moments of sorrow. Of course God is with us during the good, but it is when we encounter darkness that the hope we find solely in Christ begins to burn, flicker, and glow with the most exuberance. We can depend on God in the good times but even through the bad times, when the hope of any light is scarce. In fact, it is during the moments of extreme hopelessness that we can truly cherish the comfort and security that is only found in God our Heavenly Father. While the darkest times in our lives are the most painful, it is sometimes through these experiences that the light and hope of the gospel seems to shine brightest. Instead of dreading the trials in life, cherish them, find comfort in them and trust God because he is there, He hasn’t and will never abandon you.

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- Abby Forton ‘22



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