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August 10, 2016

Christian Olympians - The Faith They Needed to Persevere

With the 2016 Olympics in Rio upon us, many are taking the time to get to know the stories of the athletes we will be cheering on. For many 2016 Olympians, faith is a central part of their life, giving them the drive to compete and excel in their sport for their Savior. These Olympians can provide each of us with the inspiration to remain dedicated and focused and to speak out about our faith in Jesus Christ. Here are some Christian Olympians currently representing the United States in Rio, and a little more about their testimonies to provide inspiration for you and your life.

Gabby Douglas - Turning to Her Faith for Strength

Gabby Douglas may be best known for her historic performance at the London 2012 Olympics, becoming the first African American gymnast to win the individual all-around, but it is her faith that gives her the strength to continue to excel in the sport. Not only does she rely on God to give her the strength to perform well, but she also gives glory back to him for her success.

Missy Franklin - Building a Close Relationship with Christ

As a four-time Olympic gold medalist, Missy Franklin, just 21 years old for this Olympic games, has won multiple awards, holds world records and several titles in her sport. Yet even with her dedication to swimming, Missy has an even stronger dedication to maintaining a close relationship with God. She prays for guidance before, during and after practice to help her do her best.

Steele Johnson and David Boudia - Sharing Christ at Every Corner

Steele Johnson and David Boudia are entering Rio as a diving team. Throughout their diving careers, they have made many sacrifices to pursue their dreams. Yet when they are interviewed, they never fail to bring glory to God and point to the sacrifice Christ made for them to protect them for eternity. The team is just as passionate about sharing their faith as they are about their goals as divers.

Allyson Felix - Trying to Be Different for Christ

Allyson Felix points to her Christian heritage and coming to know Christ at a young age as part of what fuels her passion for running. She tries to show something different when compared to other Olympic runners, so she can point others to Christ through her character. She also turns to the scripture when she's feeling anxious or pressured about an upcoming race.

As you watch the Olympics and cheer on your favorite athletes, remember that these athletes are more than the sport in which they compete. Many of them are fellow believers. Watch their inspiring performances and take away something of their dedication that you can apply to your own life. Rely on Christ to get you through challenging times in school and in life. If these athletes can use their faith to make them bolder and stronger, so can you!

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