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February 12, 2018

How Faith Is Nurtured at Geneva College

Geneva College students have many opportunities to grow and stretch their faith in ways they never thought possible. The college takes seriously the care provided to students, meeting their needs now and guiding them to a relationship with Jesus who continues to fulfill their needs forever. There are so many ways to get involved on campus that everywhere you look there are more opportunities to learn about God and His Word.

One way is through the events and activities that take place on the Geneva campus in Western Pennsylvania. Upper Room is a student-led service of praise and Bible study that meets on one night a week. There, students play various instruments and sing to praise the Lord, read His word, and pray with each other. This event is well attended and a great way to spend time with God and other believers during the week.

Another weekly event is Chapel in the Fieldhouse on Wednesday mornings. This event is obligatory for 12 weeks for students, and it’s a place to sing praises to God in the Reformed Presbyterian tradition of Psalms, ponder God through reading His word in scripture, and join together with the community in prayer. Chaplin Rut Ethridge leads the campus in the teaching of God’s word. He adapts themes for each semester to help guide the campus to focus in on one area of God’s word. Students have the option to get more involved with Chapel by staying after to pray with a group of other students and professors or by leading the Chapel service in scripture reading, prayer, or responsive reading.

Students also strengthen their faith through their classes and their professors. All the professors at Geneva College are professing Christians; this means that their passion for Christ and His kingdom spills over into the classes they teach. So, students learn how the Bible applies to their major and their future job. Specific classes help students to dig even deeper into God’s word. There are a wide variety of Bible classes to help even the least experienced student come to understand the Bible better. A great class to start with is “How to Read the Bible” taught by Biblical Studies professor Dr. Terry Thomas. This class familiarizes students with different ways the Bible was written and how it can be read. All classes at Geneva College, from math to child development, is taught with Christ as the foundation for all learning.

Geneva College encourages a strong sense of community and belonging. This shared bond helps students grow their faith in fellowship with their classmates, teachers and Geneva administrators and staff members. There are many informal ways, as well, where the campus community or smaller groups can be estuaries of change for a student and their relationship with God. Dormitories, apartments or even whole floors can be places where Bible studies happen and discussions occur. Campus clubs are also communities. Serving alongside other students who are facing the same or similar challenges strengthens ties and nurtures faith.

Geneva College gives students opportunities to meet fellow Christians, attend god-honoring events and learn in course study. Their faith is challenged to sprout and take root in God’s word. The journey Geneva promotes is one in which students can leave spiritually, intellectually and socially changed and equipped with a faith to guide their meaningful contributions to families, communities and employers for the rest of their lives.

If growing your faith at college is important to you, learn more about the Christ-centered academic community at Geneva College ( – | 800.847.6255.

-Jocelyn Englehart ‘18