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March 8, 2019

How God Moved Big Daddy Weave Closer to Their Fans

Big Daddy Weave is a Christian band formed in 1998 by Mike Weaver and some friends after graduating from the University of Mobile. Mike is the lead singer and guitarist; Jay Weaver, his brother, is the bassist and a vocalist. Jeremy Redmon is another guitarist and vocalist. On the saxophone and keyboard is Joe Shrink, and Brian Beihl stepped in on the drums when Jeff Jones, the original drummer, stepped down. Though things have not always been easy, their mission is to create and perform anthems to their savior, Jesus Christ, and proclaim his greatness.

Mike Weaver and the band, who claim to be just ordinary guys following God’s call, came to a point a few years ago in which they thought it might be time to dissolve the group. Mike felt hopeless, thinking maybe the band had given all they could. One night at a concert, Mike was moved to by God to do something he had never done before - go into the crowd and pray. While he was afraid people would not respond well, he decided it was something he needed to do.

Once he went down and started praying for those in the audience, the band was never the same. Since that day, the band has expanded their reach. Big Daddy Weave now end almost every show with a time to hear people's stories and pray with them. This is the highlight of the show for both the band members and their fans. This intentional time of connection saved Big Daddy Weave and impresses their audiences with the love of Jesus.

Big Daddy Weave has only risen in popularity since their 2011 distresses. The album “Love Come to Life” began their redemption revival and included their hit song “Redeemed,” which spent 11 weeks in the number one spot on Christian music charts. The band has also charted 14 other songs on Billboard's top 10 Christian Music list. Their focus on the Christian message and connection with their fans is a huge part of what keeps them going.

Geneva College is excited to be hosting Big Daddy Weave and The Alive Tour. They will perform on March 22 at 7 p.m. in the Geneva College Metheny Fieldhouse. Tickets are now available for all Geneva students, faculty, families and friends for $15 each ($20 value) and can be purchased at

~ Jessica Wilson ‘21