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Financial Aid
October 26, 2015

Is College Worth the Expense? An Authentic Story

Attending college is an investment in your future: to further your education and, eventually, to obtain a more qualified job. Many assumptions are made about attending college, such as having to be academically gifted and extraordinarily wealthy to attend. But these assumptions are not true.

Individuals may receive additional financial assistance with high grades or test scores. Although these factors assist college admissions staff, they do not determine who students are or what they will become. Also, money also is not necessarily a deal-breaker; there are many scholarships at waiting to be claimed. If money is a factor in hindering higher education, talk with a financial aid counselor to discuss your options.

In addition, some people are concerned that college might not be worth the expense. However, the knowledge and experience gained from further education is truly priceless.

Upon entering college, I did not meet the SAT-score requirement, which meant that I needed to prove to the institution that I could maintain the grades needed to earn a degree.  So when I began my second semester, I felt a great sense of accomplishment. I had proven that I wanted to work hard and could earn my bachelor’s degree.

But each semester also brought financial challenges. However, through guidance, prayer and support from family, the financial issues were always resolved. College is not like sitting on the beach reading a book as the sun goes down in the horizon—nice and relaxing. It is a challenge: a challenge that takes place each day, each semester and each year.

In the middle of my fourth year, I was called into leadership and changed my major. Switching majors required an additional year of education, which, of course, meant another year of tuition. However, even though I needed additional loans for a fifth year (my victory lap, as many call it), I learned more about what I was being called to do, who I am, what my passions are and opened many doors for the future.

If I had not listened to God, worked hard in my classes and invested in my college education, I would not currently be at Geneva College about to earn my Master of Arts in Higher Education. Do not let stresses about academics or money control your life—God is in control and will provide.

Fenway Park, Graduate Assistant for First-Year Experience

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