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7 Podcasts Every MBA Student Should Find the Time to Listen To

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7 Podcasts Every MBA Student Should Find the Time to Listen To

As an MBA student, your time is valuable, and listening to podcasts can help you use it more efficiently. From supplementing coursework with business news to keeping abreast of industry trends, podcasts prepare you for the next step ... your career.

Business podcasts keep you up to date on current trends and improve your business expertise, thereby preparing you for the business world. In fact, many smart business owners utilize podcasts to:

  • Garner valuable information from industry experts.
  • Fill otherwise wasted mundane moments with opportunities to learn, grow and be (In fact, at least 70% of podcast listenersreport using these “wasted moments” to listen to podcasts.)
  • Motivate them to do more and do it better.
  • Challenge them to think differently by listening to different opinions and perspectives.

Overall, 74% of podcast listeners regularly tune in to their favorite podcasts to learn new things.


Speaking of Podcast Statistics …
One hundred and four million people listen to podcasts every single month, and 55% of the US population have listened to at least one podcast. Other interesting US podcast statistics include:

Interestingly, 50% of non-listeners report they don’t listen because they aren’t sure where to find podcasts. Others share being dumbfounded by the sheer volume of podcasts from which to choose. These are valid reasons because not all podcasts are created equal and the number of podcasts covering any topic can, indeed, be overwhelming.

Not sure where to start? No problem. We’ve put together a list of seven free podcasts that offer a great starting point as you venture into the world of MBA podcasts.

  1. How I Built This

Hosted by Guy Raz, How I Built This dives into the not-so-well-known stories behind many of the world’s largest and best-known companies. Get ready to be inspired by this weekly podcast where entrepreneurs, innovators and idealists share stories about the movements and companies they built. Each weekly episode discusses the narrative behind a unique company. Examples of recent episodes include:

  • Goodreads: Otis and Elizabeth Chandler
  • Discovery Channel and Curiosity Stream: John Hendricks
  • Headspace: Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson (2019)
  • Dang Foods: Vincent and Andrew Kitirattragarn
  1. The Tropical MBA Podcast

The Tropical MBA Podcast, “not-so-professionally” cohosted by Dan and Ian, aspires to help others who have chosen the unique career path of becoming a location independent business owner. The Tropical MBA Podcast seeks to share the inside stories of people who are in the process of building, or who have built, a ‘micronational' business while traveling the world. Their podcast is aimed at listeners who are interested in entrepreneurship, internationalization, travel and personal freedom. With more than 600 episodes and thousands of listeners, you’re sure to find lots of inspiration in their weekly podcast. Recent episodes include:

  • Staying True to Yourself in Business
  • The ‘Downside Protection’ of Investing in Bootstrapped Businesses
  • A Journey from Productized to SaaS, Plus the Return of ‘Donate a Business Idea’
  • The AntiWork Environment
  • Affiliate Marketing and the Stair Step Approach
  1. The McKinsey Podcast

Produced by McKinsey and Company consulting firm, The McKinsey Podcast features conversations with business leaders from around the world covering issues that matter most in business and management. Inspiring and insightful discussions cover topics that include leadership, change management, organization, operations, marketing, technology, strategy and the role of business in society. The McKinsey Podcast produces two new episodes each month. Recent podcasts include:

  • How Business is Facing the Challenges of Omicron
  • Nurses and the Great Attrition
  • The State of Burn-Out for Women in the Workplace
  • Serving the Black Consumer is a $300 Billion Opportunity
  • The Economic and Social Disadvantages of Ageism
  1. The $100 MBA Show

Hosted by Omar Zenhom, The $100 MBA Show was named the #1 Work Smarter podcast by Apple and a top business podcast by Inc Magazine. Its more than 125,000 daily listeners look forward to practical business lessons and tips taken from real-world applications they can apply in their own careers. Recent examples of the show’s no-fluff episodes which are jam-packed with pure business building training include:

  • The Most Reliable Way to Become Wealthy
  • Are You the Bottleneck in Your Business?
  • Should You Have an Online Community for Your Customers?
  • Do I Need to Reply to All My Comments on Social and YouTube?
  1. MBA Insider

Author and career coach, Al Dea, is also a podcast host and founder of MBA Insider and MBASchooled. He’s “passionate about helping emerging leaders flourish in the changing world of work, and helping people learn and grow to achieve their potential and become human-first leaders.” Providing advice to students and professionals alike, MBA Insider helps listeners utilize and leverage knowledge, skills and experiences gained during the process of obtaining an advanced degree. New episodes, covering a broad range of topics, are released one to two times each week. Recent episodes include:

  • Leadership, Learning, and Executive Coaching with Sounding Board CEO Christine Tao
  • Building a Business while pursuing an MBA from Wharton
  • Jake Singer, Swapstack, and New Forms of Education and Learning
  • Tackling Employee Burnout, and Building a Company in Business School
  • What’s the ROI of an MBA Education?
  1. Everyday MBA

Interviews with top-shelf executives, innovative thought leaders and best-selling business authors uncover entrepreneurship and business success tips and techniques you just don’t learn in business school. Awarded Most Educational Podcast from the Podcast Paradise Awards and named a Top 10 Podcast for Business by Inc Magazine, Everyday MBA takes your career or business to the next level. Examples of recent episodes include:

  • Accelerating Innovation in High-Tech Teams
  • The Power of Positive Storytelling
  • Ways to Leverage Consumer Research
  • Mastering Disruption from Outside the C-Suite
  1. How I Got Here

How I Got Here is focused on delivering honest stories about making career decisions. During each episode, professionals are asked to share their personal journeys and how they determined what drives and fulfills them in their careers. Each episode, newly released every two weeks, strives to deliver inspiring and compelling stories, hoping to give MBA students insights into their own educational and career journey. Recent episodes include:

  • Entertainment Partnerships at TikTok
  • Melissa Baird: COO of hims & hers
  • Omar Shahine, Corporate Vice President of Product at Microsoft
  • Howard Murad, Founder of Murad Skincare

Earning Your MBA at Geneva

Each of these podcasts is sure to inspire and educate you as you pursue your master’s in Business Administration. Listen to them throughout the day to make learning both fun and easy. You’re sure to hear principles that go hand in hand with the subjects you’re studying.

For more information on how Geneva College can help you in the pursuit of your college and career goals, contact us at 855-979-5563 or web@geneva.edu.