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April 6, 2020

7 Tips for Students Transitioning to Online Learning

The pandemic of 2020 has forced students of all ages to move to online learning, a method many have no experience with at all. Here are seven tips to help students transition to online learning to make sure they make the most of it and avoid the pitfalls of transitioning to online education.

1. Set a ScheduleInstead of following your on-campus schedule from class to class, now you need to set and keep a new one. Plan time for reading, studying and engaging online every day.

2. Organize Your Online & Offline Spaces. Create space for doing schoolwork physically at your home and virtually on your computer. Keep separate online or offline folders for each class. Organizing now saves time later.

3. Don’t Wait. You may be tempted to cruise for a while with your newly found free time – don’t! Start your coursework early and finish it as soon as you can.

Procrastination stalks you – fight back!

4. Get on the Grid. Reach out right away with requests for help by contacting your instructors and classmates. Stay in touch. Being connected is a key to online learning success.

5. Dig Deeper. Online instructors will give you a great foundation for your studies. Your job is to dig deeper into the material and beyond to reinforce your mastery of the topic.

6. Enlist Family and Friends. Talk about what you’re studying with people close to you. They can help keep you on task, and they might enjoy finding out more about what you are learning.

7. Focus on the Bigger Plan. God has a plan, and the courses you are taking are part of it. Understand how your studies fit into the rest of your life and imagine what God is qualifying you to do in the future. Stay motivated and strive for excellence… and know that God has a purpose for you.

Rise to the occasion - You can do this!

Geneva College recently transitioned in less than two weeks to temporary online learning. These tips are offered to students making the switch. Geneva prepares students with the intellectual agility to handle change. Find out how you can be prepared for faithful and fruitful service to God and neighbor in any situation - Geneva Admissions: admissions@geneva.edu | 800-847-8255