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March 1, 2016

Geneva Moves Forward in the Digital Frontier

Online classes are rapidly growing in the increasingly varied college experience. They offer students the ability to take courses at times outside of traditional terms, helping them keep on track to graduate on time—or perhaps even early.

Geneva College has offered online courses in its adult programs, as online options are of high value for working adult students. Now online courses are debuting for traditional students during Summer@Geneva. This is a comprehensive program that includes May@Geneva, summer camps and Geneva’s brand new online initiative, Geneva Online–GO.

Through GO, online courses are available during Summer@Geneva, as well as during the normal academic calendar beginning in fall 2016. Online courses accommodate students’ busy and intricate schedules. They also allow students to acquire Geneva’s unique, Christ-centered education from wherever they are in the world.

Dr. Jeff Cole, Director of the Crossroads Center for Enriched Learning and leader of the online initiative, is excited about the opportunities that GO provides. “I’m excited that Geneva is beginning to offer online classes,” said Cole.  “These courses provide students with greater flexibility in scheduling, address a variety of learning styles and provide a way to reach students who might not be able to study on campus.” 

Laptop and Book

The first online course offerings will feature Bible 112 and 113, Micro and Macro Economics (ECO 211,212), Introductory Applied Chemistry (CHM 100), Introduction to Psychology (PSY 201), International Psychology (PSY 350), English Composition (ENG 101), Language & Cultural Diversity (EDU 538) and Instructional Strategies & English Language Proficiency (ENG 539).

These courses will all be taught by the same professors as their on-campus counterparts, so students are guaranteed the same quality education online as they are in the classroom. “All of our classes are designed and taught by Geneva faculty and integrate faith and learning, just as our traditional classroom courses do,” said Cole.

These courses offer a versatile way for students to begin, enhance or hasten their Geneva educations. Prospective students who are still in high school can take classes as part of the college’s Early College program, and potential international students can also begin at Geneva through GO while still overseas.

Current students can take online options for classes that wouldn’t fit in their schedules otherwise, as well as if they are currently studying off-campus or abroad. In addition, GO is the perfect option for students looking to graduate in fewer than few years, or those who need additional credits in order to graduate on time. Courses are also available to students who wish to study at Geneva on a part-time basis.

–Brett Williams ’16

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