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February 10, 2021

Honors Week: What to Expect from the Honors Program

What is the Geneva College Honors Program? Why should you participate? What does the program have to offer in and out of the classroom? How do you become an honors student? If you are interested in participating in the Honors Program at Geneva College, some of these questions may be going through your mind. Well, good news! I can provide answers. Before diving in, it is important to know exactly why the program is offered and why you should get involved.

The Honors Program at Geneva College seeks out students who clearly exemplify a determination in their educational endeavors directly out of high school and throughout college. The program is designed to encourage students to continue the same academic excellence throughout their entire college career. Students who are accepted as honors students will live and learn in a community that explores the importance and purpose of a college education. They will also have the opportunity to dive deeper into the concept of God’s individual calling in each of their lives. The Honors Program facilitates growth in each student, helping them move toward adulthood as capable and determined individuals.

Students directly out of high school can participate in the First-Year Honors Program where they will attend courses designed specifically for honors students. They live on the same floor as fellow honors program classmates and have special opportunities to attend off-campus cultural events and retreats together.

Honors Program eligibility is based on the individual students and their academic performance in high school. Students who have maintained a GPA of 3.6 or above and acquired tests scores greater than 1200 on the SAT, 25 on ACT, and 78 on the CLT will be sent an invitation to compete in the Honors Program Competition at Geneva College. Through participation in the Honors Competition, 30 students will be selected to be a part of the First-Year Honors Program.

In addition to the educational and communal benefits provided by the Honors Program, each student who successfully finishes their first academic school year as a part of the program with a GPA of 3.4 will receive a $2,000 Travel and Research Honorarium. This money can be used toward off-campus study, academic research or conference attendance. Out of the 30 students selected for the First-Year Honors Program, five will receive an additional $5,000 scholarship that will be applied over the span of the students four years at Geneva. This scholarship goes to the student’s account along with any other scholarships originally acquired.

Students who completed the First-Year Honors Program and would like to continue their involvement in the Honors Program throughout their second or third year at Geneva, are able to apply for the Young Scholars Program. This program, offered at the sophomore-level and junior-level, allows students to participate in small seminar classes and discussions geared to lead them in the discovery of God’s calling in academic life. These students will also be able to attend a section of BIB 300 only open to honors students. In participating in the Young Scholars Program, students will be able to attend professional productions at no charge and will be able to take up to 20 credits at the full-time tuition rate.

Along with the First-Year Honors Program and the Young Scholars Program, Geneva offers the Academic Partners Program. In order to qualify, students must have a GPA of 3.6 or higher and must be a junior or senior. The Academic Partners Program is a great opportunity for students who wish to strive for further exceptional academic standing. For more details concerning the application process and other benefits that the Academic Partners Program provides, go to https://www.geneva.edu/academics/honors/academic_partners_program

The primary benefit across all three programs is the opportunity to join a community of learners and to foster the pursuit of both membership and inquiry among academically motivated students. The program also allows for students to take up to 20 credits at the full-time tuition rate during semesters that they are enrolled in an honors course. All honors students who have participated in any of the programs have the option to attend off-campus cultural events at no cost to them. In addition to these special experiences, the Honors Council facilitates events specifically organized for the honors community.

The Honors Program at Geneva College encourages students to strive for academic excellence in the field to which God has individually called them. The college leads these students to deeply integrate into the Geneva community, while working alongside fellow honors students.

-Abby Forton ‘22