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December 9, 2015

Use Social Media Effectively to Secure Your Next Job

While the majority of people are familiar with using social media in their personal lives, many people are unaware as to how powerful social media can be as they seek employment.

While it is common knowledge that LinkedIn is geared towards assisting individuals who are seeking employment, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can also be effective social media tools in the search for employment.

According to Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey:

  • 94 percent of recruiters took advantage of LinkedIn to find candidates
  • 66 percent utilized Facebook
  • 93 percent of recruiters admit to reviewing a potential employee’s social profile before making their decision
  • 55 percent have reconsidered a candidate based on his or her social media profile(s)

These statistics emphasize the fact that social media can be a valuable tool in the search for employment.

1. Develop your plan

Switching from one task to the next in a given day is difficult; therefore, you should plan ahead and take creating your improved social media presence once step at a time:

  • Day one – Create your profile
  • Day two – Join relevant groups
  • Day three – Follow companies

2. Offer professional profiles on all your social media sites

Create a professional profile and include it on each of your Social Media sites; although demonstrating your accomplishments is vital, you also need to address your strengths, as well as the reasons you are valuable to a future employer.

3. Provide links

Give your visitors a way to learn about you by providing links to:

  • Your personal website
  • Projects you are currently working on
  • Past projects
  • Your blog

4. Represent yourself in a professional manner

The image you utilize across your platforms needs to be friendly, clear, recent and professional. If you are unsure what an appropriate professional image entails, visit the sites of individuals who are in your industry: Use the characteristics of these profile images to create your own professional image.

5. Never outright ask for a job

Instead of asking for a job, connect with individuals who have the potential to assist you with your career. Demonstrate that you are an intelligent, qualified candidate through weekly status updates, by tweeting about an interesting and/or newsworthy topic – especially topics that relate directly to the industry in which you are seeking employment.

6. Engaging with companies in your field is vital

On Twitter and LinkedIn, you can follow companies within your industry. By following these companies, you will automatically receive notifications about product developments, new hires and other newsworthy content.

When using Facebook, always “like” the companies that interest you and join conversations related to current industry trends. Joining these conversations allows you to indirectly demonstrate your expertise to potential employers.

7. When connecting with someone new, send a personalized message

Although the generic message that LinkedIn sends is okay when connecting with people you know, if you are attempting to connect with someone new, you need to personalize your invitation and let the individual know why you are interested in connecting.

8. Add your social media information to your job search materials

When you create your resume, include your Twitter handle; in addition, inform people where they can find your social media sites. Add this information to your email signature and have it printed on your business card.

With a little thought, investing time in your social media profiles can really pay off when it comes to searching for your dream job. Let our Career Development team help you set just the right tone.


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