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January 5, 2016

Impact of Geneva Professors

When I first came to Geneva, I had no idea what I was getting into. Not only was I making the transition from high school to college, but I was also a student coming in hot off the mission field –I was making a transition from life in Asia to life in America. To make things even more interesting, I was born and raised into a Southern, Alabama, family; so I was also making the transition to Pennsylvania. Despite my naturally extroverted disposition, I was terrified of pretty much everyone.

Fast forward three years. I am now a senior, and I am staring graduation in the face, albeit timidly. Much like my peers, I’ve learned a lot of life lessons during my college years (example: you can make yourself sick if you drink too much coffee in one day). I’ve survived the classes, I’ve written the papers. I’ve experienced the Freshman 15, the Sophomore Slump, etc. I’ve grown. I’ve learned.

If I had to narrow everything I’ve learned and been surprised by in college, it would come down to two things:

  1. You need to know how to make your own coffee, because not every coffee vendor makes acceptable coffee with enough caffeine to get you through the day.
  2. Professors will have a much larger impact on you than you will ever imagine.

The most obvious impact that professors had on me concerns the academic areas of my life. Their job is to help me grow, learn and understand materials. They are supposed to lecture, and give exams, and make me write that 20+ page paper for Media Law (I’m looking at you, Professor Talbert). It is their job, and for Geneva professors, it is their calling. I am graduating from Geneva College confident in the skills that I have been taught, because I was taught by great teachers. They have inspired me to start projects outside of the classroom, they have critiqued the daylights out of work I assumed was good, and they have advised me what classes I need to take in order to be truly prepared for the “Real World.”

Professor Impact

But during my time at Geneva, I also have realized that professors don’t just impact my academic work. The same professors that push me to my academic limits are the same professors who eat lunch with me on a weekly basis. One of the many pros about Geneva’s small classroom size is that your professors will know your first, middle and last name. And they will recognize your face, not just your student I.D number. They will eat lunch with you. They will listen to what’s going on in your life.

Good professors want their students to succeed. Great professors want their students to succeed, and realize that academics is only just a fraction of what is important. They spend time with their students in and out of the classroom. I’ve had professors chat with me about my high school years over donuts. I’ve had professors bring donuts to class on midterm day (the Communication Department is a great place to be, guys). I’ve had professors buy me coffee when I turned in huge papers. They want to listen and they want to help.

Finally, professors will impact your faith. Geneva College is a Christian institution. We have chapel services that students are required to attend once a week. We are required to take Bible classes as part of our core curriculum. We have a plethora of Bible studies that are available throughout the week. But professors will share their faith with you in and out of the classroom. Professors will pray for you, they will share their knowledge with you, they will answer your questions to the best of their ability and point you in the direction of more resources. They will encourage you daily in your walk with the Lord. They will invite you to attend church with them, they will ask how what you’re studying in your personal devotion times. They will challenge you.

Your college years are so incredibly special (sappy senior speaking!) and are something to be treasured. You will meet the most insane people. You will befriend those insane people and eat dinner with them every day for four years. You will finish those projects that you thought you wouldn’t survive, and you will truly understand what it feels like to come down from a four-day sugar high. You will make your best friends in college. You will be impacted beyond your imagine. But your classmates and peers are only a portion of that; your professors will impact your academics. They will impact your faith. They will impact your life. 

—Mikayla Covington ’16

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