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May 3, 2017

What It Means to Be a Liberal Arts Student

Liberal arts education is more than simply going to classes, doing the assignments, graduating and getting a job where you don’t use half the knowledge that you learned in college. It means learning how to think critically through the daily mundane and beautiful parts of life to better your community and the people around you.

To be a liberal arts student means to complete your homework and assignments from a critical perspective. We are careful to think through the words put on paper and we spend the extra time necessary to accurately solve an equation. We adhere to and seek to uphold instilled personal and organizational values. The college and the communities we join will flourish when we use reason and critical thought to drive our decisions. Our actions affect the world around us, and a liberal arts college is teaching us how to think so we arrive at the most beneficial and ethical outcomes available to us, ones that bring glory to God and reflect the righteousness of Christ.

A liberal arts education is making us into more than just people who can complete a task; we are learning how to get the best results to the benefit of ourselves and others. A liberal arts student could say, “Being a liberal arts student helps me to think critically,” but that simple phrase is not sufficient to fully capture the affect we have on the community. Liberal arts students think about the people around them and how they can best serve them. We are equipped with many different ways of thinking and understanding people, and it makes it easier for us to relate to people, especially in our vocations.  This kind of education is one that shapes how we face day-to-day tasks, conflicts and joys.

The future demands more liberal arts students to do jobs that robots and artificial intelligence cannot, according to entrepreneur Mark Cuban. Google executive Jonathan Rosenberg, advisor to Alphabet CEO Larry Page, says, “We need more traditional liberal arts grads.” So, consider Geneva College for a liberal arts education – contact Admissions at 800.847-8255 or admissions@geneva.edu.

-Megan Siegle ‘18