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October 22, 2015

Engineering: Still the Most Powerful

In my mother’s 1942 Geneva College yearbook (87 graduates), there are photos of 22 student clubs; half are named for majors, for example, French Club and Mathematics Club. The photo of 45 engineers (one woman) is described as “still the most powerful and best organized club on campus (p. 40).” Engineering has been big at Geneva for a long time.

Best Engineering 2016Some numbers: engineering enrollment has grown from 118 majors in 2007 to 290 in 2015! This year’s freshmen class has 102 engineering majors. U.S. News ranks Geneva’s engineering program in the top 100 in the country among undergraduate programs, and the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET has accredited our program since 1944. One more number: like most engineering programs across the country, as many as half of Geneva’s aspiring freshmen engineers eventually choose other majors, leading some in the Business Department to jokingly call the engineering program the “Pre-Business Department.”

Every engineer at Geneva takes the same generous helping of core courses everyone else takes. Why? Because the core prepares our students to think like Christians about every area of life. Because the core equips our engineers to understand people and society, so that they are prepared to lead wisely as they mature. Because college is about more than preparing for a career, more than landing a job with a high salary upon graduation, more than mastering nature with powerful techniques. College is also about getting to know the wonders of God’s world, the truth of God’s Word, and the great cultural achievements of our civilization. Geneva happily provides its engineers with a broad and comprehensive education. Perhaps that is why some of our engineering graduates become missionaries, preachers, and lawyers as well as engineers.

What is the vision of the engineering department for the future? They are considering new programs or concentrations in energy engineering, industrial engineering, a master's program in engineering management, mechatronics (look it up) and power engineering. They are already fully using the expanded Rapp Center, and like some other departments they would like more centralized office space for professors. And they have their eye on the developing Royal Dutch Shell (RDS) cracker plant only six miles from Geneva, as well as the industries its presence will probably attract to our area. It is an interesting time to be teaching and learning engineering at Geneva. 


Dr. William Edgar, Interim President

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