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April 25, 2022

7 Fun Instagram Accounts Education Majors Should Follow

Teaching is a big job with big responsibilities. At the same time, however, it offers exceptional rewards. After all, teachers leave a lasting impression on their students, changing the world one child at a time. With all the obligations a teacher has, it’s nice to have a place to go for inspiration, information, sympathy and compassion.

We want to help, so we’ve put together some of the best Instagram accounts you’ll want to follow. These inspirational accounts share great ideas and amazing content you’re sure to find useful in the classroom.

Check them out for yourself and discover just how great these seven Instagram accounts really are!

7 Fun Instagram Accounts Educational Majors Should Follow

Are you a teacher or plan to become one in the future? If so, as you’re scrolling through your own Instagram account, do you ever wonder what do or what teachers should post on Instagram? Wonder no more! These seven Instagram accounts are perfect examples.

Instagram is actually considered by some to be the world’s largest and most positive teacher’s lounge. That’s right! It’s filled with teachers who love to share their ideas and collaborate with other teachers.


So get ready to find inspiration for your next classroom project, as well as sympathy and compassion for all the hard work you put in ... something that only another teacher can truly understand.

  1. Classroom Pinspirations

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? After all, it’s filled with lots of great ideas and gorgeous pictures. Classroom Pinspirations (@classroompinspirations) is run by two teachers (@weheartteaching and @heyheyfirstgrade). It’s a beautiful account that has taken advantage of the power of Pinterest by curating great content that teachers of all grades and subjects can use in their classrooms. They’ve done a lot of the time-consuming work for you, sorting out the good from the mundane, leaving you with lots of amazing ideas your students are sure to love. Scroll through their account and discover what other creative and talented educators are doing in their classrooms.

  1. Fun, Fresh Ideas for Your Class

Meghan is a teacher, writer and curriculum designer. In other words, she loves the sometimes crazy, always unpredictable, world of education. Her Instagram account (@fun_fresh_ideas) demonstrates this affection, providing an amazing mix of resources, teacher humor and Tuesday fun facts your students are sure to love. She also gets personal, sharing pictures from her life on her account. She encourages collaboration and the sharing of ideas and information because she thinks the teaching world is better for being shared. We do too!

  1. ELA Classroom

Lauralee’s LinkedIn profile says it all – English teacher with honest classroom pictures. That’s what you get ... that, and lots of pictures of books. Isn’t it great though? Scrolling through Instagram, you see lots of accounts filled with beautiful pictures. ELA Classroom (@elaclassroom), on the other hand, is refreshingly honest, providing classroom pictures that look like they’ve been actively used. Best of all, ELA Classroom’s resources are incredibly practical and helpful.

  1. Math Giraffe

Calling all math teachers. As its name implies, Math Giraffe (@mathgiraffe) is a helpful resource for you! It’s a place to learn the how and why of providing math instruction with creativity and passion. Math Giraffe is a colorful Instagram account filled with amazing math resources that are practical and easy to implement as well as memorable and fun.

  1. Sweet N Sauer Firsties

Lindsay Sauer is a passionate first-grade teacher who shares many tips, tricks and resources she has gathered together over the years. Her Instagram account, Sweet N Sauer Firsties, is filled with activities that are both hands-on and concrete, while also providing lots of fun and easy ways to engage with younger students. She’s a working mom and has recently re-entered the classroom while revamping her methodology. Follow her educator journey at @sweetnsauerfirsties. She’s exceptionally active in Instagram stories and provides lots of updates.

  1. Target Teachers

Do you love Target? How about the dollar section, in particular? If so, you’ll love Target Teachers (@targetteachers). This Instagram account pools the resources of two teachers who share their love for Target - @applesandabcs and @misskindergarten. Target Teachers is filled with tips and great pictures for all the items they’ve picked up at, you guessed it ... Target! They’re passionate about revealing treasures they’ve discovered and how those items can be used.

  1. The Daring English Teacher

Christina is The Daring English Teacher (@thedaringenglishteacher) and one of three educators who started the #cancelstatetesting2021 movement because they’d rather engage with their students instead of preparing them to take a “test.” She is a high school English teacher, curriculum designer and blogger. She strives to provide engaging, robust and differentiated learning experiences for her students. Her Instagram account is filled with quotes, curriculum ideas and lots of humor.

Educational Programs at Geneva

If you’ve ever wondered, is Instagram a good place for teachers to find inspiration or ideas for their classrooms, the posts you find in these accounts and others should give you an affirmative answer. So, why not give them all a follow and keep up with the golden nuggets they’re willing to share with you and other teachers?

Whatever your educational focus - elementary educationmiddle-level educationsecondary education, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in one or more of these Instagram accounts. They’re fun, inspirational and informative.

Want to learn more about obtaining a degree in education? Geneva can help you become a teacher that leaves a lasting impression on students - one who changes the world, one student at a time.

Classes at Geneva cover childhood development, family, culture and psychology, preparing you to faithfully engage with future students. Contact us at 855-979-5563 to speak with a counselor and discover creative ways to impact and shape the hearts and minds of students!

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