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January 31, 2017

Program Spotlight: Bachelor of Professional Studies in Christian Ministry Leadership

God's word has transformed your life, and now, you desire a similar transformation for those most in need of Christian healing. Your faith and passion are admirable, but Christian ministry requires more than belief in the word of the Lord; to minister effectively, you'll also need in-depth Biblical knowledge and unparalleled leadership skills. Both essentials are supplied through the Christian Ministry Leadership program at Geneva College.

What types of classes do Christian Ministry Leadership students take?

Geneva College's Bachelor of Professional Studies in Christian Ministry Leadership builds upon a foundation of faith, providing students with a combination of in-depth Biblical understanding and leadership skills they can use while ministering to a variety of populations.

The 120-credit Christian Ministry Leadership program begins with a thorough overview of both the Old and New Testaments. From there, students are encouraged to explore the overlap of faith and leadership and how both areas relate to modern ministry. Important Christian Ministry Leadership courses include:

  • Foundations of Christian Thought
  • Christian Ministry Leadership: Research and Resources
  • The Church and its Community
  • Principles of Family Ministry
  • Leadership for Mission and Ministry
  • Theology and Practice of Evangelism

The program's overarching goal is to prepare students for fulfilling careers in ministry and evangelism, which necessitate Biblical knowledge and critical thinking and decision-making skills. The Christian Ministry Leadership program connects these seemingly disparate areas in an effort to prepare students for success in a modern and constantly changing environment.

What career paths are available to Christian Ministry graduates?

Opportunities are abundant for those who graduate with a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Christian Ministry Leadership. Many students enter the program with the ultimate goal of transitioning to seminary or otherwise serving as clergy. Others wish to apply their newfound skills and knowledge in pastoral ministry, youth ministry, or workplace chaplaincy. Many graduates eventually find jobs in human resources or community social work at faith-based organizations. Those who wish to maximize their leadership skills are encouraged to continue on to Geneva's Masters in Leadership Studies.

What is the career outlook for Christian ministry?

The field of Christian ministry is typically not entered on the basis of future wealth; those involved in ministry are more concerned with transforming lives than padding their bank accounts. That being said, ministry is a viable career path that can promote a surprisingly comfortable living.

At 1.1 percent, the unemployment rate among clergy and other Christian ministry professionals is exceedingly low. Wages are livable, but moderate; in 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported mean annual wages of $48,150 for clergy. Salary depends largely on the organization and setting; those working for state government entities earned average annual wages of $54,940 in 2015, compared to $46,380 for those in nursing care facilities.

A call to ministry is a great start, but your reach in clergy, youth ministry, or chaplaincy will be limited if you lack a thorough understanding of organizational leadership principles and how they relate to God's word. To get started on the path towards an influential and extraordinarily rewarding career, check out Geneva's Christian Ministry page. You can also contact us at 855-979-5563 or