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Where Can Your Degree in Public Relations Take You? Here Are 10 Careers to Consider

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As you are working on your degree in public relations, you will realize that this field is a unique blend of marketing and communications. Nearly every type of company—regardless of its size or its niche industry—needs a public relations expert on the team.

Are you wondering if the field of public relations is a good career for you? Well, here are 10 job opportunities that may be available to you if choose this path:

  1. Public Relations Specialist

Becoming a public relations specialist is perhaps one of the most natural career paths for graduates with a public relations degree. Most public relations specialist positions are entry-level jobs, making them ideal for new graduates who are trying to get their foot in the door in this competitive industry. A public relations specialist may be employed by an individual company, or they may work for a public relations firm. A specialist is often responsible for drafting press releases and soliciting exposure opportunities in the media. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for this position is about $61,000 per year. 

  1. Public Relations Manager

After spending several years as a public relations specialist, an individual may have an opportunity to move up to a public relations manager position. A public relations manager is likely to work directly with a team of public relations specialists. The manager often sets the long-term goals for the team and delegates daily and short-term assignments that are designed to help the group meet their larger goals and quotas. According to BestColleges.com, an individual may be able to become a manager within 1 to 9 years of beginning their career in public relations. 

  1. Public Relations Director

People who are interested in pursuing a lifelong career in public relations should set their sights on the public relations director position. A public relations director often works as the lead contact within a public relations team at an organization, or they serve in a leadership position within a public relations firm. The director has the ability to create and implement the organization's public relations strategy. They often focus on the bigger picture while giving public relations managers the support they need to help their teams accomplish their own short-term and long-term goals.

  1. Social Media Manager

Of course, there are career opportunities available for graduates who want to pursue a career outside of the public relations field. In today's digital age, many public relations graduates are interested in becoming social media managers. A social media manager works with a company or brand in order to create and implement a social media strategy. This strategy is often designed to help a brand increase its followers and improve engagement levels, ultimately driving conversions for the organization.

  1. Content Marketing Manager

Public relations students who are interested in combining their passion for writing with their finesse for branding will find that working as a content marketing manager is a good fit. A content marketing manager will work with an organization or brand to ensure that they publish valuable, accurate and interesting content that will increase the brand's visibility online. A content marketing manager may focus on website and blog content. They may help manage a company's social media presence, as well. 

  1. Publicist

A publicist is another popular job opportunity for those who have graduated with a degree in public relations. A publicist may be employed by a company to help bolster its image and improve the amount of publicity it receives. Or a publicist may be employed by a powerful or well-known individual who frequently interacts in the public sphere. Regardless of who employs a publicist, their main role is to create publicity campaigns that will promote their clients in a positive and effective way.

  1. Spokesperson

A spokesperson is an interesting and exciting career opportunity that is available to those who have earned a public relations degree. A spokesperson is an individual who acts as the face and voice of a company, brand or person. The spokesperson often works closely with the rest of the public-relations team and is the person responsible for issuing statements on behalf of the individual or organization. They are often the point person for media interviews.

  1. Event Coordinator

Some people who graduate with a degree in public relations prefer to take a different spin on their degree, and they pursue a career as an event coordinator. A public relations graduate has a unique set of skills, including organizational skills as well as interpersonal skills, that allow them to be well-suited to this career. An event coordinator will work together with the client to secure vendor contracts and finalize all details in order to host a successful event.

  1. Campaign Manager

Individuals who earn a degree in public relations yet have an interest in politics will be delighted to know that they may have the opportunity to serve as a campaign manager. A campaign manager works closely with a candidate who is seeking public office in order to create and implement a campaign strategy that will allow them to win their election.

  1. Market Research Analyst

Public relations graduates who are more interested in collecting and analyzing data may prefer to pursue a career as a market research analyst. A market research analyst will work with a company in order to help them determine if the public would be interested in a new product or service. They also help organizations analyze data in order to determine how to price their products and services.

A public relations degree will give you the foundation that you need to launch your career in public relations, marketing, politics and more. Perhaps one of the largest benefits of earning a public relations degree is that it allows you to be flexible in your career plans. With your degree in hand, you can personalize the path you follow to suit your own needs and interests.

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Mar 15, 2021