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Geneva College Bible Professor and Bible Core Coordinator C. Scott Shidemantle, PhD, is serving in a Visiting Professor appointment at Jerusalem University College (JUC) in Israel for the spring 2022 semester. Dr. Shidemantle is living and teaching JUC students in Jerusalem in his course, “The Historical Geography of the Gospels.”

He is also teaching his regular Geneva courses remotely back to Geneva’s campus in Beaver Falls using Microsoft Teams.   

With Dr. Shidemantle are two Geneva students majoring in Biblical Studies: Beryl Wickham ‘23 and Sabrina Boggs ‘24. They are also spending the semester in Jerusalem.

Here is a picture of Dr. Shidemantle with Beryl Wickham’23 and Sabrina Boggs ’24 standing in front of the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. 

Pictured from left to right, Beryl Wickham, Sabrina Boggs, and Dr. Scott Shidemantle. Credit: Scott Shidemantle.
Pictured from left to right, Beryl Wickham, Sabrina Boggs, and Dr. Scott Shidemantle. Credit: Scott Shidemantle.

One of the advantages of choosing a major in either Biblical Studies or in Pre-Seminary at Geneva College is the college’s close relationship with Jerusalem University College in Israel. Biblical Studies and Pre-Seminary majors at Geneva are encouraged to spend one semester studying abroad at JUC, which enables students to visit many of the locations in Israel where the actual events of Scripture took place. The JUC semester in Israel adds a valuable geographic and historical dimension to the student’s knowledgebase. 

JUC is the leading evangelical Christian school in the Israeli capital city, offering master’s degrees, certificates, semester abroad and other programs to students who wish for immersive study of the Bible in the Holy Land. For information on JUC see: www.juc.edu.

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Apr 4, 2022

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