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January 8, 2018

How to Survive Your 1st Month of Study Abroad

I’m Abroad…Now What?

You’ve overcome the initial hurdles of studying abroad: the paperwork, the flights, the checklists, the packing, the goodbyes and the overall tying up of loose ends. Now that you are actually abroad, you might feel a little lost (and I don’t just mean directionally). There are so many new places, new people, and new things to try that your head is spinning. Is it possible to be adventurous and have fun without compromising your values? How can you keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds?

  1. Remember you are there to study

It’s easy to get distracted by all the fun trips or what you’re doing this weekend, but don’t forget to be a student. Pay attention in class and ace those tests. Don’t forget to do your homework. Those class credits will transfer back, so make sure you hit the books.

  1. Make some friends with similar values

Especially if you’re abroad by yourself, good friends are crucial. Making friends doesn’t happen overnight, so be patient and be open to meeting new people. It also makes your experience more fun if you’re doing things because you enjoy them, not just following what your friends like to do.

  1. Realize you can’t do everything on your to-do list

This sounds like such a bummer, but you will be less disillusioned if you come to grips with this reality sooner rather than later. There are only so many weekends in a semester and you only have so much money to spend; it’s impossible to do it all. For that reason, choose carefully, fully enjoy and value each excursion you do have the opportunity to go on.

  1. Pray

If you’re ever feeling confused, sad, lonely, stressed, upset, or anything else that can sometimes accompany studying abroad in a different place, know that you can always reach out to God. Even if you’re there by yourself, you’re never really alone. God will give you the strength and wisdom to get through whatever problems you are facing at any point in your semester.

Geneva College offers over 100 study abroad options, bringing the world closer than you think. Find out more about study abroad opportunities and how Geneva prepares you to serve wholeheartedly and faithfully in your life's work by contacting Admissions, 800-847-8255 |

-Jocelyn Englehart ‘18