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October 6, 2015

Why, When Possible, You Should Travel – and Study! – Overseas

Traveling to a country outside of your own home can be a very beneficial and life-changing experience. Those who have had an opportunity to travel will often want to tell you all about their adventures in a new culture around new people. There are a lot of benefits to traveling and studying overseas; here are just a few of them …

Seeing the World
When you are abroad you are getting the chance to see a new area of the world, and you aren’t limited to just that country! Especially if you are going to be in a new place for more than just a few weeks, you can take advantage of the neighboring areas as well. Europe is a prime example of easy travel. The public train system and discount airlines make it easy to jump to France for the weekend or spend a few days in Spain. Take ahold of the opportunities available with so many new countries right next door!

Personal Growth
Students who return from an experience overseas will be the first to tell you about how it has changed them. An experience in a new place will boost your self-confidence. You figured out and conquered the subway system in Seoul, South Korea all by yourself? You can do anything now! You will also find that your tolerance and world view will change. Spending time side-by-side with someone who has a different background and culture than yourself will give you a brand new perspective into peoples’ hearts and lives. This is going to come home with you go through life. You will find you have a new way of processing when it comes to others and the way they think.

Language Skills
Four years of high school Spanish not do much for you? Going to a Spanish speaking country like Mexico or Peru would be the perfect opportunity to increase and master those skills. You can study flashcards with vocabulary all you want, but if you aren’t going to use the language and practice speaking, you will never become fluent. A longer stay is better in this case. A couple months into your travel or study and you’ll be chatting up a storm with your taxi driver or grocery store clerk.

Education and Career Effects
Experiences with new cultures or lifestyles, particularly in those who are currently students, can have a wonderful impact on future education and career choices. Some students travel and find that their passions better align with a new major in college! Perhaps you will find you want a career change. Having a wider world view and understanding will give you a new lens to look through as you continue your education or career. Higher education administration and potential employers like to see someone who is diverse and interesting. Thinking of applying for grad school after you finish your undergraduate degree? Having a study abroad experience on your resume will definitely help highlight the individuality and uniqueness that you will bring to the program.

Traveling overseas is a wonderful experience! Seeing the world will help you grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Someone who has had a peek into the other side of the world has a brand new approach to life and how they conduct themselves. Go somewhere new with an open mind and with open eyes, and you will come back a changed individual. Be careful though – one trip abroad and you’ll have the travel itch that will never leave! Guaranteed, one trip overseas and you’ll be hooked.

-Jillian MoomawInternational Admissions Counselor/Advisor

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