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November 15, 2016

Geneva College: Beautiful Campus

Geneva College has made the top 10 of two ranking lists for the beauty of our campus.

Christian Universities Online ranked both The 50 Most Beautiful Christian College & University Campuses in the World and the 25 Most Beautiful Christian Universities. Geneva’s campus in Beaver Falls, PA, ranked really well in both evaluations.

Among the top 50 world campuses, Geneva College ranked #9. Here’s what the evaluators had to say:

"offers students plenty of outdoor beauty, set alongside elegant architecture that dates back to the 19th century… Geneva College’s campus may be small, but it contains enough attractive, historic structures to please the eye. Old Main, the college’s grand, gray sandstone centerpiece, was designed by Pennsylvanian architect James P. Bailey… Another striking campus feature is the Collegiate Gothic-style McCartney Library, which was completed in 1931 and is known for its stained-glass windows and conspicuous bell tower."

Geneva College faired even better at #6 in the rankings of the US-centric 25 Most Beautiful Christian Universities. Their description matches our experience as well:

"nestled amidst the lush, forested landscape of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. The college is notable for the stately, Ivy League-style architecture of its facilities, which were built 130 years ago. The campus is spread across a full 55 acres of verdant land, providing a breathtaking natural setting. Students enjoy the best of both worlds, benefiting from the peace and charm of a rural setting while living a mere hour away from Pittsburgh..."

Many people are attracted by the Collegiate Gothic architecture of the academic and administration buildings. Others find the wide variety of trees on campus and on the nearby hillsides to be pure beauty. Still others remark on the stunning vistas of the neighboring Beaver River with its wide placid surface reflecting the vegetation on its hilly banks.

It is the little details that really make the beauty of the campus stand out and leave such a great impression on those visiting. The campus center boasts the JBJ clock recognizing time in two ways; once in the literal sense and once by pointing to the past with the name of John Black Johnston, the founder of the college in the 19th century. The dissonance of the tire swing hanging from a majestic branch in the middle of serious academic buildings is a small detail that reminds us that God is in the details and that we need to have balance in our lives.

There are so many other neat things to see on the campus that it is really worth a visit. To schedule your visit to Geneva College, contact the Admissions Department, 800-847-8255.