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November 11, 2019

For Christ and Country

Pro Christo et Patria is more than just a motto; it is a way of life for the Geneva College Community. Geneva students and alumni have a rich history of service to both Christ and Country and that is something that to be celebrated.

In World War II, 41 soldiers from Geneva lost their lives in the service of their country. The college honored these soldiers with the dedication of Memorial Hall and a plaque that reads, “Memorial hall was dedicated to the memory of all Genevans who served the cause of freedom – and especially to those who gave their lives in service and sacrifice for their fellow countrymen in World War II.” Inscribed on this plaque are also the names of the 41 soldiers who lost their lives.  

In 2012, Geneva hosted their first Veterans Day Breakfast to celebrate the alumni and campus community who are currently serving or who have served their country in the armed forces. After several years the Alumni Relations office at Geneva chose to host another breakfast on Veteran’s Day of 2019.

Kelly Sanzari of the Geneva College Alumni Relations Office says of the event, “it’s important to recognize these members of our community who have served and fought for peace and freedom and to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Bringing the campus and local communities together is also something very important and ties in with the mission of hospitality. I’m grateful to the Alumni Council for hosting the event and we look forward to growing the event and hosting it annually.”

If you’d like to learn more about professions that enable you to serve wholeheartedly and faithfully in your life’s work or want to learn more about a biblically-based, Christ-centered education at Geneva, we’d love to chat with you. For more information on how Geneva College can help you pursue your education goals, please phone us at 800-847-8255 or email


Photo by Samuel Branch on Unsplash