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June 21, 2022

Geneva College Core Curriculum

What is the first thing that comes to mind the moment you hear the words core curriculum? I’m guessing this subject doesn’t leave you on the edge of your seat, enthralled with the prospect of reading a whole blog on it. Upon entering any Geneva College, the required core curriculum can be daunting to look at, an inevitable nuisance to accomplish in the span of four years.

While this might be a fair initial assumption, please understand that the core curriculum offered is not the college’s way of piling work on you that will keep you unnecessarily busy. Like the end pieces to a loaf of bread, there is a point to the existence of the core curriculum. Just give me a few minutes to explain.

The goal of the core curriculum is to provide each student, no matter their desired area of interest, with a common foundation of Christian liberal arts studies. Instead of each student immersing themselves solely in major specific courses, they will interact with other students coming from a variety of disciplines as they engage with materials that are designed to help them think and develop a greater understanding of the world.

The core curriculum establishes a framework for education, encouraging each student to develop their skills and attitudes while also pushing them to think critically about various topics.

The core curriculum at Geneva ranges between 43-49 credits out of the 120 credits necessary to graduate. The courses included within the core curriculum provide each student with an outlet to engage with professors and departments outside of their discipline. It is the desired outcome of the core that graduating seniors will have grown in their understanding of worldview, the biblical perspective and Christian life.

Once leaving Geneva’s campus, the hope is that each student will have significantly developed their communication skills in a professional manner, increased their knowledge in the liberal arts and cultural engagement, and developed critical thinking habits.

In short, the core is established to produce well-rounded individuals that will enter the workforce educated and self-aware.

As I wrap up my argument for why the core curriculum at Geneva College is important to the development of each young adult, it is crucial to state that each class may not immediately strike each student as interesting. In fact, there may be a couple of courses that you struggle with simply because it is not a subject you specifically do well in. Nonetheless, engaging with topics of various difficulty that utilize a variety of skill sets is important in preparing each person for work post-graduation.

By engaging with the core curriculum, you will be immersed with a community of learners as you dive deeper into reason and rhetoric, establish a greater comprehension of God, the biblical worldview, and understanding of the humanities. Students will have the opportunity to participate in various forms of cultural engagement, they will think critically about society while experiencing realistic applications of the sciences which capitalize on the nature of the physical and biological universe.

Through the core curriculum, students are asked to push themselves beyond their comfort zone to engage with materials, topics, concepts, and people unfamiliar to them.

I remember my reaction to taking Geneva’s core classes. From the beginning I was motivated to get them started and finished as soon as possible, merely out of reluctance to do them at all. I looked at the core curriculum checklist with my academic advisor and both of us together planned out the courses I would start taking.

As I stand here a newly graduated alum of Geneva College, I can say that some of my favorite classes ended up coming from the core curriculum. I was able to engage with meaningful material that pushed me to think along with my fellow classmates and spurred on useful discussion of the topic at hand.

In fact, some of my deepest friendships in college came from taking these courses with people I otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to meet. The core curriculum is called "core" for a reason. It is the center of each student’s education, the foundation on which everything else is built. Geneva College has set these courses at the center of the learning experience to ensure that each man and women leaving campus will be well-educated and prepared to carry out the work of the Lord to their fullest and for the ultimate glory of Him alone.

Abigail Forton ‘22