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April 19, 2017

Happy 169th Birthday, Geneva!

April is an important month in the history of Geneva College! On Thursday, April 20, 1848, Geneva Hall, staffed by a president and two faculty members, opened its doors in Northwood, Ohio, to a student body of 42.  Founded by godly Reformed Presbyterians, from its earliest days Geneva College has been committed to educating students for the service of Christ and country, "Pro Christo et Patria." Through times of difficulty and discouragement, as well as through growth and prosperity, God has remained faithful to this "college on the hill."

Dr. Rosalie deRosset, Professor of Communications at Moody Bible Institute presented a chapel talk at Moody’s Chicago campus entitled “On Memory in an Age of Forgetting.”  Dr. deRosset tells of the approximately 200 uses of the word “remember” in the Old and New Testaments:  “Many of these are reminders to remember the historical events through which the patriarchs passed so that their descendants might be given faith. Readers are urged to remember how God led His children, to remember their enslavement and deliverance, to consider the generations long gone… They are even urged to ask their fathers for that history. Readers are called upon to remember an awesome God, to remember to extol His words and wonders, to remember the ancient laws and find comfort in them.”

As Geneva's Archival Librarian, I work on a daily basis to encourage students, faculty, staff, and alumni to remember the wondrous works that our God has done in the history of Geneva College. What a privilege it is to remind people of God’s sovereignty in the life of this college community throughout the past 169 years!

Dr. M.M. Pearce, President of Geneva College from 1923-1948, said this in a speech delivered in the College’s Centennial year, 1948:  “It is extremely interesting to think of the hundred years of history of the College with its crude beginning in Northwood, Ohio, and its moving to Beaver Falls.  Year after year, decade after decade, it has gone on…. There comes to me this consideration, as we look back over one hundred years:  these fine fathers did not falter; they had discouraging situations, but met them with faith in God; and so we must not fail today.  We must in the same spirit do the best we can to meet the requirements of the present.”  Amen, Dr. Pearce!  Let us not cease to remember God’s faithfulness through 169 years at Geneva, to tell the generations to come, and to put our confidence in our great God for His continuing work now and in the years ahead.

“Tell to the generation to come…His wondrous works that He has done…That the generation to come might know… that they should put their confidence in God…and not forget the works of God…”  Psalm 78:4, 6, 7 (NASB)

Kae H. Kirkwood, Class of 1983
Archival Librarian, B.A., B.S.B.A., M.L.S.