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September 28, 2019

Homecoming for All

Starting on September 26, Homecoming and Family Weekend is a time that Geneva remembers and appreciates all the past graduates that have walked on and off of Geneva’s campus. As years goes by, more people become students at Geneva College and more students become alumni. Those alumni will always be considered part of the Geneva community and Homecoming is geared to commemorate that fact.

For current students there is much that can me taken away from this event as well.

There are many fun and enjoyable things that happen during Homecoming. One such occurrence may be the spirited tradition of wearing old and current Geneva garb. Whether taking a step in the past by going on a campus tour, attending a current classroom, or grabbing a lunch at Alex's dining hall, there is so much enjoyment in remembering the memories made while at Geneva.

Along with all these you can’t forget the zipline and Genevans concert that is open to whoever would like to go.

Are you a football fan? Alumni and students alike are all invited to go down to Reeves Field to see the Golden Tornadoes compete against Waynesburg University, post-game tailgate included. Geneva football has consistently attracted some of the biggest crowds in all of NCAA Division III football, finishing in the top 10 in the last several years. A big crowd and a victory on the field make for a truly enjoyable and uniquely collegiate experience.

Whether attending a class reunion or taking your first step in old main since graduation, Homecoming is full of fun and and enjoyment. To many, this event is simply a place for remembering the “good old days,” but maybe it means a little bit more.

As a current Geneva student, Homecoming is an amazing campus tradition I think should never be taken lightly. While many see this event as a time to reminisce with the students of their class while enjoying some fun, games, and fellowship, there is a deeper meaning to Homecoming.

As I look at all the people who gather here on campus. I see so many different people of different ages, size, personality, occupations, and lives. There are many paths that each person has taken. So much that is different yet, they are all here, celebrating a commonality… an experience. The community, campus, classes, rooms, halls, dorms, professors, dining hall, chapel, they all were experienced and known by all these people. It could be considered a shadow of the great gathering in Heaven when we all go to our forever home, a Homecoming to end all Homecomings.

Every alum and student who sets their foot on campus may be separated by a number of years, but they are joined by this experience that has continued on for over 170 years… a Geneva College education.

-Abigail Forton ‘22