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August 11, 2017

My Favorite Class at Geneva College

Many students find two types of classes challenging: humanities classes and night classes. So, when I took my first humanities class in the spring semester of my freshman year as a Tuesday night class, In fact, that was one of three night classes I was taking every week that semester. If anyone had reason to feel challenged, it was me.

As the semester progressed, however, I found myself enjoying the class rather than dreading it. Each week, we discussed numerous subjects that included what we read for class and our own experiences throughout life.        

The work and reading we did outside of class was compelling, and it forced me to think about a wide variety of topics and issues. Sometimes it took me outside of my comfort zone and forced me to look at subjects from perspectives I never had before.

There were no tests or exams in the class, but we wrote several papers throughout the semester. As someone who enjoys writing papers more than taking tests, this appealed to me, but I was still concerned because I sometimes obsess over papers and worry about every sentence I write rather than the central idea I am trying to articulate. As I wrote the papers, however, I found that the prompts naturally allowed me to write without having to worry so much about every detail. I was able to write about what really piqued my interest in readings or discussions.

It wasn’t the structure of the class that made it great, though. Each Tuesday night I could see that our professor, Dr. Eric Miller really cared about us and what we talked about, and as a class we engaged in very meaningful conversations each week. I found his teaching to be insightful, and it made me ask questions and think about topics of which I had not thought about before.

The work I did for his class also made me think differently than I normally would. One week, we wrote poems and songs that we could choose to perform or read to the class. Assignments like these made the class feel different than a typical academic setting. I was able to connect with the subject matter on a deeper level because of Dr. Miller’s teaching, the discussions we had as a class each week and the ways in which he asked us to explore what we learned.

I had every reason to dread Humanities 103 night class that I took in the second semester of my freshman year, but it turned out to be my favorite class at Geneva so far.

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- Andrew Domencic ‘19