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April 24, 2019

Quest Trip: Serving in Memphis

Myranda Shymansky, a senior Student Ministry Major at Geneva College, spent her Spring Break on a Center for Student Engagement Quest Trip. This trip took her and ten others to Memphis, Tennessee for a week of immersion into the city’s culture. 

During the trip, they served the local community in several projects at the Alcy Ball Community Development Center. They invested their time and energy in the neighborhood and the people living there.

On the first day, the team cleared away brush from a field to make room for some community activities that will happen over the summer.

The next day, they painted a house and laid flooring down for a new pastor moving into the neighborhood.

The last two days of service were spent re-painting a hallway in an elementary school to cover up old murals on the walls, so they can update the paintings.

On Wednesday night, the team helped with an Urban Bicycle Food Ministry in Memphis.  This ministry brings food to people in the city who are homeless. Myranda hopes to work with this ministry again, because of its unique way to engage and serve the community and its displaced members. These are some of Myranda’s favorite moments from the trip.

Myranda wanted to use her spring break to serve others and says, “I was really excited at the idea of personal growth and learning more about racial reconciliation in different aspects of community.” This desire to learn and work in community is not something isolated to Myranda. Many Geneva students seek engagement during their time at the college.

Myranda sees God’s work in this trip is deepened connections among the team members and neighbors, and between the students and the residents. God also helped Myranda grow on a personal level. She says, “God has really been showing me the importance of digging deep in my friendships and growing in community, but the Lord also challenged me to seek out what my passions are and how they fit with the gifts He has given me. I recognize that I need to use my gifts rather than keeping them to myself.” 

The amount of personal and communal growth on this trip surpassed Myranda’s original expectations. She was very moved by the way this trip presented seemingly separate contexts and yet the Lord worked through them in a cohesive manner. She only wishes the trip could have lasted longer.

Geneva College offers various immersion trips over Spring Break, and after going on this one, Myranda says that these are the types of experiences that shape and change lives.   

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-Jessica Wilson ‘20