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November 11, 2016

Taking Care of Veterans

Veterans Day is a time to remember the service of men and women to our country’s armed forces. To see more about the history of Veterans Day, visit a previous blog on the topic of Veteran’s Day, the history of Veterans Day, and how Veterans Day is celebrated today.

Veterans Day is also a time to take stock of how we are taking care of our veterans in PA and veterans from other states. We appreciate veterans who are returning from war and those who have completed their service commitments by helping them get a high-quality, affordable education suitable for veterans in PA.

At Geneva College, we live up to our motto of Pro Christo et Patria – For Christ and Country – taking care of our veterans by making their education more financially achievable. Geneva College places a high priority on members of the armed services as our family, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens. We are humbled by the willingness of veterans and their families to sacrifice in their service of freedom, whether that means being away from loved ones, risking their lives in foreign lands, giving up their choice of where to live, etc. – these choices are honorable and honored here.

U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks Geneva College among the Best Colleges & Universities in our region for Veterans. To be included, a college or university must be certified for the GI Bill and must participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program or be a public school that charges in-state tuition to all out-of-state veterans.

We want to invite veterans to find out more about a Geneva Education, the kind that will benefit veterans in PA and veterans from other states. Visit Geneva’s Veteran Service Center page for more information about financial aid and veteran’s education benefits. And THANK YOU, VETERANS!