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December 19, 2016

10 Most Popular Christmas Movies

As the Christmas season is well upon us, we all know that the celebratory act of watching Christmas movie after Christmas movie is inevitable. With Christmas being such a huge holiday in our culture, there are numerous Christmas movies. I have done my research and compiled a consensus list of the most popular Christmas movies of the current time and the past below in descending order.

  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas

A family cartoon classic that reminds you of what it was like to be a kid during the Christmas season again. Lots of laughs and rekindling of memories are likely to take place!

  1. Miracle on 34th Street

This movie is a Christmas classic about one man’s struggles while attempting to bring joy to those around him. Miracle on 34th Street is a great family movie with lots of lessons and morals to be learned throughout. There are two versions – the 1947 version gets a 96% Rotten Tomatoes rating and the 1994 a 61%.

  1. The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause, starring Tim Allen, is a humorous movie about finding true Christmas spirit and relying on your family to help you during times of struggle. The Santa Clause is a great movie to watch with your family and share some laughs. The original is much better than either of the two sequels.

  1. The Polar Express

The Polar Express is an animated movie and is sure to bring out the excited child in all of us who couldn’t wait for Christmas day! The Polar Express steams right into the meaning of Christmas and having faith in things that you may not see.

  1. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph is a movie that just about anyone can enjoy and watching Rudolph is a tradition every year in many homes. With bits of humor, fantasy and moral lessons, Rudolph is an excellent movie for the Christmas season.

  1. A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is full of life lessons and reminds us to always be thankful during the Christmas season for all that we have. There are many versions of A Christmas Carol, all of which are excellent Christmas movies. 

  1. Home Alone

Home Alone is far from your typical Christmas movie, but it certainly takes us back to our childhood excitement of being home alone without supervision! Home Alone is a humorous movie but also ties in many lessons concerning morals and loving your family which is perfect for Christmas time.

  1. A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story is also a Christmas comedy about the excitement that a young boy experiences in the gift-receiving season during the radio days of the Great Depression. A Christmas Story also shows us the struggles that come along with growing up in less than perfect situation and how we all can learn from our mistakes.

  1. Elf

Elf is the story of a human man who was raised by elves amid the immense Christmas spirit of the North Pole. He travels to New York City in hopes of finding his father and bringing Christmas joy to a struggling family. Elf is a hilarious Christmas movie with lots of family values and lessons to be learned.

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life may be one of the best known Christmas movies. This Frank Capra film is full of values and lessons and teaches us not only about the true meaning of Christmas, but the true meaning of living a full life and defining success in the right way.

So, if you get bored this Christmas break and don’t have much else to do, give any of the above movies a shot! It wouldn’t be right to not watch at least a couple Christmas movies during the Christmas season, would it?

--Jake Yarnell ‘18