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December 18, 2015

Making the Most of Christmas Break

As the longest break during the academic school year, Christmas break has a special place in my heart. It’s the time where I don’t have to worry about finals, because they’re done. I don’t have to worry about projects, because they’ve been submitted. I don’t have to worry about spring registration, because that’s in the past. My worries during Christmas break consist of what wrapping paper to use for gifts, what songs I should add to my festive playlist and which pie I want to eat first after dinner. Christmas break is a beautiful, beautiful thing…

…which is why we need to make the most of it. The average Christmas break is somewhere around three weeks long (give or take a few days), which is a TON of time for a college student (yet, strangely, never enough). Here are some ways to make the best of the time off!

Merry Christmas

Rest. It’s called Christmas break. Take a break. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, and on a decent sleeping schedule. I’m prone to staying up increasingly late, which in turn makes me sleep increasingly late. By the time school starts again, I’m staying up all night and sleeping all day. Don’t do this. It’s bad and you will hate yourself the first few weeks of classes.

Netflix. You may as well catch up on all of the shows you missed while you were studying for finals, so that you’re all caught up for the spring semester. Bonus points, Netflix has a ton of great options for Christmas movies!

Textbooks. I know, you’re on Christmas break and you’re trying to sleep and binge watch all of New Girl. It will make your life a lot easier, though, if you tried to square away the materials you’ll need for the next semester early on in the break so you don’t have to worry about it. Doing it early in the break means you won’t have additional stress when it’s time for you to go back to class!

Explore. Whether you’re traveling abroad for Christmas break (yay international student status!) or your relatives are coming to visit you, make sure you get out and explore during Christmas break. Check out local festivals and shops. Volunteer at a local church or soup kitchen. Take advantage of where you are and go do things you wouldn’t have the chance to do while you’re on campus!

Socialize. Hit up those holiday parties. They’re fun, they’re festive and they’re actually a fantastic way to build up your network (which is ALWAYS a good thing, especially if you’re a senior). Enjoy the New Year’s celebrations. Get out. Meet people.

Christmas break is the holy grail of breaks during the academic year. The holidays can be incredibly busy, but make sure you still get plenty of rest so that you’ll be nice and refreshed for the spring semester!

—Mikayla Covington ’16

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