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November 8, 2016

(De)voting or Devoting

It’s Election Day in the United States of America. After a particularly unappealing campaign and with early voting taking place in over 30 states, in some since September, is Election Day still a big deal? In the words of one famous, former politician, “You betcha’!”

The most basic level of citizenship requirement is voting. Choosing not to vote – DeVoting – is truly an indefensible choice. But it is a choice that by history’s measure will be made by close to 80 million eligible voters during this election. That is unacceptable in a society where men and women have suffered for their faith and their beliefs to bring an unprecedented experiment in self-government into being. It’s unacceptable for such apathy from the beneficiaries of freedoms for which over 1.5 million men and women died.

Do you realize what a rare gift God has given this nation that we can choose our own leaders peacefully? Certainly God is sovereign over all things and we are citizens of heaven. And certainly we are not to place our trust in humanity rather than God. And certainly God can direct the hearts of kings like streams of water in any way He wills. But why would God create us for a time such as this in a place like this with free and fair elections if he did not want us to use our freedom? It is not right to (de)vote ourselves from this God-given freedom.

Instead, we all need to devote ourselves to exercising our freedom to vote. This means love, loyalty and enthusiasm for our “patria.” And by “patria” or “country,” we mean it in the sense that Geneva’s President talks about it – neighbor. We are commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Part of that love, loyalty and enthusiasm for our neighbors is voting for leaders who will, with Godly wisdom, make decisions that affect us all. Our devotion to our fellow citizens and fellow Christians around the world is to take voting seriously and to just get it done.

So, today if you are considering (de)voting, think again. You need to vote out of devotion to your neighbors and to your Lord and Savior. And even if you don’t like your choices, use the write-in block, but make sure you vote if only to acknowledge this wonderful gift of God and glorify Him in the process.