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November 30, 2016

5 Off-Campus Things to Do at Geneva College

There is more to do at Geneva College then just attending all the on-campus Student Engagement activities, as fun as they are. There is a whole community surrounding Geneva with opportunities for college students.  Some of these things are just fun activities to do with friends, others are services, and some may be resume builders.  Regardless, it is always a good idea to get involved in the community.

  1. Tiger Pause Youth Ministry

Tiger Pause (TP) is one of the more well-known ministries in Beaver Falls, and Mr. Matt Nance is very loved by all who meet him.  For college students, there is the new Beez Café, located in downtown Beaver Falls, for the afternoon study break or study group meeting.  However, there are opportunities to work for TP by being a mentor for a Beaver Falls High School student during the school year.  Finally, there is always volunteer work to be done as well.  Make sure to visit their website for more details on how to get involved at www.tigerpause.net.

  1. Big Brother, Big Sister Program

The Big Brother, Big Sister program is one that many Geneva students take advantage of during their time at Geneva.  This program will match you up with a “little” brother or sister that you will get together with and mentor throughout your time at Geneva.  There are often kids in the Alexander Dining Hall at points in the semester because of the number of Big Brothers and Big Sisters on campus.  For more information visit the website - www.tigerpause.net.

  1. D.A.S.H.

The local Reformed Presbyterian Church, affiliated with Geneva College and located right next to campus, has a program it offers to all college students regardless of membership.  D.A.S.H. stands for Discipleship, Accountability, and Leadership on the Hill.  This program will either pair you up with other students of the same gender and age or you can create your own group of four to six students.  In the church, you have a mentor, who will walk with you throughout the rest of your time in college.  This program has been beneficial to many of the students at Geneva, and many of the groups have stuck together for all four years and have continued to be best friends long after they have graduated.


  1. SWARM

The College Hill RP Church, located near campus, also has an opportunity for free food, fun, and fellowship every Sunday night for college students.  (The location varies but is easy to find out). Pastor Titus and his wife, Alyssa, love to host college students.  Every Sunday night, after evening worship, there is a college food night, provided by the church, so that the students can get to know church members and each other.  Also, what college student is going to pass up a home-cooked meal?


  1. YMCA

The local YMCA, in Beaver, is a place that many Geneva students like to take advantage of.  The pool is open for all members, and there are many different exercise programs offered to keep off those college pounds that tend to creep up.  Also, many students in the education majors or others, who choose to gain experience in the area of childhood service, work in the athletic programs coaching or teaching.

Check back soon for five more off-campus things to do at Geneva College.

-Hannah Beckhusen ‘16