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February 8, 2017

Job Scamming

I see a lot of job opportunities come across my email as the Career Development Assistant. With each job posting that is forwarded to me I spend some time researching the company. I google it to make sure it is a legitimate business opportunity and not a job site’s worst fear: a Job Scam. Sadly, many scam artists are targeting college students specifically because they know we lack resources to thoroughly research a company before communicating with them and so, many of us get caught in the trap.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently forwarded information to colleges and universities on how students can successfully recognize and avoid these scams. A few of the tips that they provide are: You should never accept a position that requires depositing a check into your account or wiring funds to other individuals or accounts. Many scammers are not native English speakers, so poor use of the English language may be another tip-off to a scam. A final tip is to forward any suspicious emails to the college IT department and report it to the FBI.

The FBI also provided some example emails with phrases that should send up red flags:

“Enclosed is your first check. Please cash the check, take $300 out as your pay, and send the rest to the vendor for supplies.”

“I have forwarded your start-up progress to the HR Department. And, they will be facilitating your start-up funds with which you will be getting your working equipment from vendors and getting started with training.”

The article also includes potential consequences to students if they are caught in a scam. A student’s bank account may be closed and the bank has the right to file a report with the credit bureau or a law enforcement agency. The student must reimburse the bank for the amount of the counterfeit checks. The student’s credit record could be affected negatively. The student is vulnerable to identity theft if the scammer has any of their personal info. The scammer could use the student’s money to help fund criminal activity.

This information is not meant to scare you but rather to inform you. The Career Development Center wants to protect students throughout the job search process and creating awareness of scams is one way to do that. If you see a suspicious job posting, please let the Career Development Center know so we can flag the company for the future, 724-847-6572 |

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-Grace Marras ‘17