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December 17, 2016

A Winter Break Checklist

You've been working hard all semester, pushing through exams until you are finally ready for winter break. This is your time to unwind before you head back to the books for your next semester of study. How can you use your time both profitably and ensure you get enough R-and-R for the coming semester? Here are some great ways to spend your time.

  1. Clean Your Room

Has your dorm room gotten a little cluttered with the stress and busyness of exam season? Take some time to get it cleaned up. Get organized now so that you will be prepared to study hard when spring semester starts.

  1. Catch up on Reading for Fun

Sure, you've read everything in the syllabus for school, but when was the last time you read for fun? Christmas break is a great time to get caught up with your favorite series without the guilt of wondering if you should be studying.

  1. Spend Time with Family

The holidays are all about family. When you're in college, you're far from family quite often. Now, step back and spend time with those you love most. Your parents and grandparents will love hearing about your college adventures, and a good old fashioned movie night is a great way to spend an afternoon with your siblings.

  1. Take a Road Trip

Grab a friend or some siblings and hit the road! Explore an area near your home or campus that you haven't had time to explore before. Keep it spontaneous to make it even more fun.

  1. Play in the Snow

Play in the snow, if you are blessed to have some. Build a snowman or host an epic snowball fight. If your area doesn't have snow, find a local outdoor ice skating rink to enjoy some winter fun.

  1. Take Stock of Your Finances

While not necessarily relaxing, taking a look at your finances is important over winter break. Are you going to need more income this semester? Do you need to apply for more student loans? Are you spending too much in an area where you could, realistically, cut back, like coffee runs or eating out? Have a strong financial plan for when you head back to school, and you will actually feel more relaxed about the coming semester.

  1. Volunteer in Your Community

Volunteering makes you feel great about yourself and can be quite rewarding. Over Christmas you have the freedom of time, so take advantage! Consider volunteering in a local animal shelter, at your church, through a crisis pregnancy center, with a homeless shelter or at a school.

  1. Have a Netflix Binge

You don't have time to binge-watch your favorite show during school, so why not take a day or two over break to do so? Sometimes, sitting in front of the TV is the reset your brain needs after rigorous academic work. Grab an adult coloring book while you're at it!

  1. Carve Out Extra Bible Study Time

Finally, don't forget to give yourself the freedom of time to study the Bible and pray. Your devotional life may have suffered over the school year, and now you have some extra time to reconnect with God. Remember, He is the reason for the season!

Christmas break is almost here, Geneva College students. Take some time to plan your relaxing activities now, so you will make the most out of your time off. If you have questions about how to schedule your classes for spring semester, contact the school at 855-979-5563 or admissions@geneva.edu.