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May 17, 2016

Resume Must-Haves

If you’re just starting college or you’ve been “around the block” for a few years now, chances are you’ve done a bunch of really awesome things that have shaped you into the person you are today. Pretty soon you’ll be thinking about finding a long-term job and you’ll need a resume to highlight all of the awesome things you’ve done so that the awesome company you want to work for knows how awesome you are.

Here’s a series of resume must-haves to use as you highlight your accomplishments.Resume Must-Haves

First of all, a resume is not meant to get a job; it’s meant to get an interview.

Your resume should represent and excellent picture of you and your personality should shine through it! So, before you start to build your resume, you need to start with a firm foundation.

Start by highlighting your goals, talents, interests and experiences.

Take some time to brainstorm and write down as much as possible. Start with some of these:

  • Name, location, and dates of each place you have been employed, your position, description of your responsibilities and achievements
  • Names, locations, and dates for all colleges and universities you attended
  • Exact title of the degree toward which you’re working, your specific major(s), minor(s), and GPA; include any degrees/certificates you’d previously earned as wellA list of all the extra-curricular activities in which you participate
  • Any information about volunteer and/or community work you completed
  • Descriptions of any paid or unpaid internships you’ve had; include responsibilities, equipment, or technology you learned, etc. (this information shows experience in your field)
  • Any honors or scholarships you’ve received
  • Name(s) of any professional organizations or memberships with which you are affiliated, including student memberships and offices held

Now that you have the content for your resume, it’s time to start building!

 No matter what layout you choose to use, your resume will look totally different from anyone else’s.

  • Use an easy-to-read font—branch out from Times New Roman!
  • Sizes for headings can be larger than the main text
  • Margins can be .8” on top, .5” on bottom, and 1” on the sides
  • Proper margins help with visual appeal and sufficient margins allow employers to write notes in those sections
  • The sections of your resume should be in the order that shows your qualifications best
  • Color can be used moderately, but plan for the document to be printed in grayscale
  • Examine the printed version of your resume to see if it’s eye-catching and easy to follow
  • Save your resume as a .pdf (Adobe PDF) file before submitting in order to ensure that your design and format remain intact

Now you can start applying your content to your format.

The parts of your resume should include,

  • A heading with your full name, address, and contact information
  • An objective statement/professional summary of qualifications
  • EducationSkills (either professional or relevant to the job you are applying for)
  • Employment Experience
  • Honors and Activities (optional
  • References

 Finally, tie your resume together with a bow!

If you are printing your resume, be sure to use resume paper. Resume paper will add a professional touch and send a message that you went the extra mile to recognize the proper resume etiquette that employers will appreciate.

The tricky thing about building your resume is that everything should fit evenly onto one page excluding your references. References get their own page and it is typical for employers to only need four to five professional references.

Use action verbs to make your resume pop! Words like: guided, improved, prepared, directed, will make your qualifications have a positive and confident attitude.

Remember, your resume is a reflection of your personality and it should be a snapshot of your qualifications with the purpose of getting an interview.

Happy resume building!