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November 6, 2016

Saving Time

Since Benjamin Franklin first satirically suggested it, daylight savings time has been a controversial topic. In the UK and Europe, the idea of taking full advantage of the sun from April to September by adjusting the clock made progress early in the 20th century and into World War I when it was enacted into law in Germany.  The law in the U.S. went back and forth, on again off again, and was instituted very inconsistently. In 1986, Congress added an extra month to daylight savings time because it was worth millions of dollars in commerce for such things as barbeques, golf, and Halloween candy. This idea of literally putting a price on daylight won the day.

So, during this weekend when we say goodbye to daylight savings time, we have an extra hour to spend – an hour of value. If you are like me, you were able to enjoy an extra hour of sleep before getting ready for church. Some folks undoubtedly rose at their normal time and had extra time for coffee or Bible study or early-rising children or siblings. College students most likely got an early start on studying (just kidding). And for some people, they completely forgot to change the clock and ended up early for everything on Sunday (been there, done that).

Despite the name of daylight savings time, Time is the only commodity that no one is making any more of, from a human perspective. Once you spend it, it is not coming back. We can make more money. We can do more things. But we can’t make our lives any longer than what God has ordained. What I’m saying is that time is precious. God is at work redeeming our time as well.

It’s interesting that many studies show that all of our time-saving devices and technology have only really resulted in making us busier than ever. Also, a wise person once said, “Show me your checkbook and your schedule, and I’ll see your priorities.” What’d you do with your extra hour?

Did you invest that hour wisely so that it brings return later? Did you provide service to your neighbor? Did you study God’s word or go to Him in prayer? Did you catch up on sleep to allow you to tackle the tasks of the week with more energy? Whatever it is, let’s renew our commitment to spending this limited resource called Time as wisely as we can.