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June 21, 2016

Program Spotlight: Sport Management

From Little League to college athletics, sports have had a huge impact in your life. Your athletic pursuits have taught you the value of perseverance and teamwork -- and kept you in peak physical shape. Now, you're eager to help others achieve athletic glory, all while pursuing an exciting career in sports management.

Geneva's acclaimed Sport Management program can give you the foundational business knowledge needed for success in any management position, as well as an in-depth understanding of the athletic industry. Your college-based exploration of this exciting career field will be backed by an emphasis on Biblical principles, which will guide not only your academic pursuits, but your eventual sport management career.

What types of classes do Sport Management students take?

In addition to taking an array of business administration courses, students enrolled in Geneva's Sport Management program take several interesting classes designed to prepare them for work in professional, intercollegiate, amateur and youth athletic organizations. These courses are taught from a faith-based perspective, with students encouraged to examine God's role in recreational and athletic pursuits.

Basic career opportunities and responsibilities are outlined in Introduction to Sport Management, while Legal Issues in Sport explores product liability, risk management, equal opportunity and several other essential legal topics. A required practicum allows students to build the practical skills needed for success in a competitive industry. Other required classes include Governance and Organization of Sport, Facility Management and Design, and Sport in American Culture.

What can I do with a Sport Management degree?

Upon emerging from Geneva's Christ-centered Sport Management program, you will possess a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the industry, including legal liability, facility management, government compliance and marketing. Equipped with this knowledge, you can find work as a coach, an administrator or a general manager. Your academic background can also help you land positions you may have previously thought of as only loosely tied to sport management. Examples include:

  • Social media management
  • Ticket management
  • Resort management
  • Athletic promotions
  • Fan development
  • Public relations

The professional possibilities are endless for a sport management professional with a solid academic foundation. As a Sport Management student at Geneva, you will explore a wide array of career paths you never knew existed. As you learn more about these careers, Christ-centered academic guidance and career counseling can help you discern your true calling.

What is the career outlook for Sport Management graduates?

Your ability to land a high-paying job will depend largely on the direction you choose to pursue following graduation. In general, the career outlook for sport management professionals is promising, especially as new opportunities open up in sport marketing and social media management.

Earnings vary considerably from one position to the next, but it is possible for Sport Management graduates to secure a respectable income. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that agents and business managers for performers and athletes earn an impressive mean annual wage of $95,810, while promoters of performing arts and athletic events earn an average $69,340 each year. Coaches and scouts working for colleges bring home an average annual income of $55,210, compared to an annual $59,730 for coaches and scouts employed by professional and amateur spectator leagues.

A Sport Management degree could be your ticket to a rewarding career. For more information on how Geneva College can help you pursue your career goals, contact us at 855-979-5563 or