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May 9, 2016

Surviving Summer School

Summer courses can give you the time you need to focus on a specific subject matter, certification or skill, provided you choose the right schedule and don’t become overwhelmed. A careful look at your goals and the other things you wish to do this summer – from working to helping out at a Vacation Bible School or even a mission trip – can help you make the right decisions about summer course work.

Consider your Goals

What do you want to accomplish this summer? Summer course catalogs can be tempting with long lists of available programs, but just signing up for the classes that sound fun could be a recipe for schedule disaster. Focus instead on the classes that support your goals. Is there a new certification you are working towards or an area that you need some extra help with? A summer class can help you build your skills in a relatively short period of time. Review the schedule closely – the class you choose has to fit into your summer schedule and you need to be able to attend every week to maximize the class.

Plan your Schedule Wisely

If you are taking traditional, in person courses, then make sure you have enough time to get from your summer activities or residence to classes. Since summer classes are often more intense and shorter in duration than their school year counterparts, every session counts. Missing just one class can impact your ability to complete the coursework and your final grade. Choose classes that both further your goals and work with whatever you have planned in the summer. If you have a summer job or do volunteer work, then make sure your coursework is scheduled in a way that will allow you to avoid scheduling conflicts. If you are constantly running from the workplace to class, you could become frazzled by the end of summer. What’s worse, is that you could jeopardize the return you would get from your particular class.

Choose Online Classes

A program with online course offerings can make it easy to balance all of your summer commitments and still work towards your goals. If you have picked up an extra job for the summer or are volunteering for a mission or VBS, then opting for online course work can help you fit everything into your schedule without feeling overwhelmed. An online program allows you to have a fully flexible summer schedule and means you can work wherever, and in some instances whenever, you have access to a computer and internet connection, making it a good choice for summer coursework.

Make the Most of Technology

Using your phone or tablet to take notes and to prompt you to study or provide alerts that you are due in class soon can help ensure you make it to all of your sessions. Add the alerts to your calendar when you register for the class or when you get the syllabus. This will allow you to schedule your time weeks in advance and balance your educational commitments with the rest of your summer responsibilities.
If you are ready to tackle some new challenges and get a step closer to your goals this summer, the time to register is now. If you have questions feel free to contact Geneva’s Center for Enriched Learning at or call us at 724-847-6891. Geneva offers affordable and convenient online classes, so you can make the most of your summer schedule this year.