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April 22, 2016

Thanking the Parents of Geneva College

Dear Mom and Dad,

We are the next generation of “go-getters” and we have pulled all-nighters, started on sports teams, been members of clubs, served on student government and some of us have even juggled an internship or a job on top of it just to make ends meet. We don’t go above and beyond because we feel obligated, but because we WANT to use our gifts to succeed.

College is a time where we learn what commitment really is. And we have you to thank for so much of that success.

Thank you for cutting us loose to make mistakes. And for teaching us enough to clean up the pieces of those mistakes without having to hold our hands as we did it.

Thank you for trusting us to take responsibility for our actions. You’ve expected a standard of us through the time we lived at home. But now that we are “jumping the nest,” it means so much that you trust us to continue that standard outside of college.

Thank you for teaching us to respect, love and value those around us. One of the hardest things about college is the immersion of so many different attitudes and backgrounds, and you made yourself available to support and encourage us with your wisdom as we developed relationships.

Thank you for putting up with us. We know that there were times throughout college when we were unfair to you. But you showed us an immeasurable amount of patience despite our disagreements.

Thank you for your contributions. Some of us come from families that might not have been financially able to support us and others come from families that could. Either way, in whatever capacity you contributed, we are so thankful for your sacrifices.

Finally, thank you for pointing us to Christ. You have been an example for us to be salt and light, and to fulfill the greatest commandment of loving God and loving others. You raised us to be brothers and sisters of the living God and that is the most valuable gift you could have given us.

You might not see how we have changed over the course of four years because it is a very slow progression. We were young and scared that day you helped move us into our dorm rooms. And now, even though we might still be scared, we are confident that what we learned at Geneva College has prepared us for fruitful service to Christ and Country. And we have you to thank for investing in this time of our lives


The Geneva College Class of 2016