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February 17, 2016

Honoring Veterans

Both of my brothers and one of my sisters are in the military. My eldest brother is in the Air Force, and my younger brother is working as a nuclear engineer a Navy aircraft carrier somewhere in the Persian Gulf. My sister is also a nuclear engineer in the Navy. When they are sent on deployment, my family doesn’t hear from them for a while, which makes us all a bit nervous. So with three siblings in the military, of course I take great pride in our nation and its veterans.

Sometimes those who protect our country are seen as instigators in the war effort, rather than protectors who sacrifice themselves for our freedom. And in some places, supporting the men and women who actively defend our country has become taboo. Honoring those who have given up so much of their own freedom so that we can be free can be challenging.

Best Colleges for Veterans

I think that some people associate supporting the military as condoning war, and that some millennials may not understand that freedom comes with a price. But freedom is not free. Thankfully, some people are willing to pay that price. This is something that more college students need to understand because, as the rising generation, we need to be more intentional about protecting and serving those who serve and protect us.

With this in mind, I’ve thought a lot about how to honor and empower those who have served in the armed forces to protect me and the soil that I walk freely on every day. One of the most important ways to honor our servicemen and servicewomen is simply through an acknowledgement. Often, just making it known that you support the troops has an incredible impact on them. All of my siblings agree that when they are thanked for their service, they are overwhelmed with pride for their country, which fuels a desire to protect and defend it.

The reality is that there needs to be more recognition of the work that members of the  military do for our country. We are incredibly fortunate to live in freedom. And as an active member of society, I care a lot about those who protect the country. I am honored to be a part of a Christian college that cares about supporting veterans and invites those who have served in the military to be a part of a community that protects and serves them.

U.S. News & World Report ranks Geneva College #11 in the Best Colleges for Veterans category for the North region in 2016. To be included, a college or university must be certified for the GI Bill and must participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program or be a public school that charges in-state tuition to all out-of-state veterans.

–Celia Harris ’16

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