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June 5, 2017

Restoring Our Vital Connection to Nature on World Environment Day

What do you think of when you read Genesis 1:28?

“Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry around the ground.”


Although we’re instructed to “fill, govern, and reign over” our incredibly beautiful and amazing planet, as Stephanie Langford points out in her blog post, “A Christian Perspective on Stewardship of the Environment” — “Dominion should not equal destruction.” Do you view stewardship of the Earth as a “high and sacred calling?” How do you honor the awesome responsibility with which you’ve been entrusted? World Environment Day (WED) provides us with the perfect opportunity to reflect deeply upon what it means to be good global citizens and conscientious Christian caretakers of our precious planet.


History and Intent of World Environment Day


The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed June 5 as World Environment Day in 1972 in an effort to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the environment. Today, over 100 countries commemorate WED in a multitude of creative and inspired ways. Taking environmental action and personal responsibility for Earth’s care on June 5 helps raise awareness around concerns such as deforestation, species die-off, pollution, toxic chemicals, and desertification. This year, Canada acts as the official host country for WED. Canada chose “Connecting People to Nature” as the theme for 2017. The goal is to get outdoors, experience God’s creation, appreciate its beauty, and realize how intimately we depend on it. You then channel this inspiration into fun and creative ways to nurture and protect the Earth.


Make a Difference on World Environment Day 2017


Remember that by respecting the Earth, you are also honoring God: “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it.” (Ps 24:1)

 Here are 10 suggestions to help you celebrate WED by reinforcing your role as a steward of God’s sacred creation:

1) Make a visit to a national park or other wilderness area if there’s one nearby. Many countries are waiving or reducing park entry fees over this time period.

2) Spend time meditating and contemplating in a wildlife refuge or botanical garden in your city.

3) Make an excursion to your closest ocean, river, lake, or stream to immerse yourself in a natural body of water.

4) Adopt a stretch of highway or a patch of beach and clean rubbish. Take all the cans and bottles you find to the recycling center.

5) Go organic on June 5, eating only locally grown, certified organic foods.

6) Take an organic cooking class or visit a farmer’s market.

7) Create a piece of art made solely from recycled materials or found items.

8) Buy yourself some cheerful cloth grocery bags so you won’t rely on plastic or paper bags in the checkout line.

9) Calculate your carbon footprint to see how much of your daily activities, such as driving a car or using electricity, contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

10) Instead of driving alone in your car on June 5, either carpool, use public transport, or opt for a sustainable mode of transportation like walking, cycling, skating, or skateboarding.

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