Internship Resources

Students are highly encouraged to pursue internships throughout their academic program. Internships can be done for credit or not for credit. (Qualifying students wishing to secure an internship for credit must fill out an Internship 493 Form available from the Registrar.)

Think about your requirements

  • What type of work and which industry are you interested in?
  • What geographic areas are possible?
  • How many hours a week are you interested in working?
  • Can you afford an unpaid position?
  • Do you want an internship for credit? (Requires Internship 493 form available at the Registrar's office)
  • Not sure what you are interested in?
    • Take a career assessment through the Career Development Center and meet with a Career Coach to discuss the results
    • Use “What Can I Do with This Major?” at to explore career options in many different majors
    • Use for information on your job or industry

Search for opportunities

  • Ask your network of family, friends, professors, previous employers, church members, etc.
  • Contact organizations that interest you and ask if they hire interns
  • Attend the WestPACS Job & Internship Fair, held each fall and spring |
  • Attend the on campus career fairs in the spring and check out some internship speech sites
  • Use the Internship Resources list

Apply according to the specifications

  • Prepare your resume, cover letter & references with our Resume Guide
  • Have your materials reviewed by the Career Development Center staff
  • Submit completed applications to potential employers. Unless instructed otherwise, save your resume as a PDF before you submit it.

Interview with the companies

  • Assess your skills, strengths, weaknesses, and related experience
  • Practice answering interview questions using resources in the Career Development Resource Library and sites like
  • Consider scheduling a mock interview with the Career Development Center

Prepare for the experience

  • Talk with people who have worked in your industry
  • Read up on successful internships using books from the Career Development Resource Library and websites like and

Work hard the whole time

  • Learn as much as you can; Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Network with the professionals in your field
  • Whatever you’re doing, do it well!

Follow up with Career Development

Stop in or email us to let us know how it’s going and if you’d recommend the experience to future students